July 31, 2014

Day 4: My Dream Job


When I was younger, I used to think book reviewers have the best job. When I started to review books on my blog - I realized how mistaken I was!

I wanted to be a bestselling author. But how can that be a job? Writing is somehow so very me. I cannot imagine a time when I wouldn't write even one word.... :) Like I keep saying, it's my therapy. Writing is equivalent to breathing for me.

So what I think would be my dream job would be to get paid loads of cash to travel the world and review the places. Basically work for some really famous travel magazine. Or website.

I had got an offer to intern with one such place during nearly the end of my Masters. I'd wanted to go chase that opportunity...but my mum wanted me to finish my degree. Sadly, the company offering the internship didn't like to be kept waiting.

They cancelled their offer. And I'm yet to re-apply...because of my further tryst with academics.

July 30, 2014

Day 3: My Favorite Quote


I love quotes. I love looking them up. I love quoting them. I love copying them down in my notebook. I love beginning all my stories, short stories, musings with a quote.... So it's impossible for me to pick just one quote that's my favorite. So I'll just tell you my top three quotes.

1. "Never give up on the one thing you cannot go a day without thinking about." ~ Anonymous.

2. "Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot - You're probably right." ~ Henry Ford.

3. "If two people are happy together and miserable when apart, they ought not let anything in the world keep them apart." - Jean Webster, Daddy-Long Legs. 

I could go on and on about this, but I guess I'll stop here.
See you tomorrow with another post, folks! ^_^

July 29, 2014

Day 2: 20 Facts About Me


  1. My birthday is in September.
  2. That makes me a Virgo.
  3. I own a cat named Pippo. Or he owns me, more likely.
  4. Writing is my therapy. I love writing.
  5. I have amazing friends and family <3
  6. I'm scared of changes. I am not at all good at the art of getting by.
  7. I want to meet Ruskin Bond.
  8. I don't really know what 'to be madly in love with someone' feels like.
  9. I love being a story-teller. If all else fails, I am going to become a kindergarten teacher. And just keep telling them stories.
  10. 2013 was the year of realizations for me.
  11. I am currently pursuing MPhil in Comparative Literature, from Jadavpur University.
  12. I love reading quotes, quoting quotes and writing them down. They help me somehow.
  13. I find it a bit difficult to make friends. But once I'm really friends with you (and not just on Facebook), I'll be friends with you forever.
  14. I love traveling. Haven't been to many places yet...but I dream of traveling the world someday.
  15. I want to write a bestseller....you know, and sell a million (let's be realistic - 10,000) copies.
  16. I wish I'd pick better crushes. Because crushes can be really cruel to you at times.
  17. I'm always bubbling over with new stories to tell. I do live a great part of my life in imagination.
  18. I LOVE READING. I cannot imagine a world where I wouldn't read. ^_^
  19. I grew up with Harry Potter. I was 12 when I began the series...
  20. I've picked up way too many hobbies in the last one year! :D

July 28, 2014

Day 1: My Blog's Name

I came across this challenge on one of my many Google researches. And I have decided since I seem to have a lot of time on my hands these days - I'll give it a try. Of course, that might mean I'd write two blog posts in one day...but who cares. Or maybe I can combine them. Who knows?

Anyway. So, this is DAY 1: YOUR BLOG'S NAME

My blog has been called, 'A Rainfall of Words', 'Patchwork Chronicles', 'Aniesha's Blog' and a number of creative and boring things.

Then someone suggested that 'Aniesha's Blog' is a name as boring as can get and I should spice it up a bit. I didn't know what to call my blog then. I'd really loved the name 'A Rainfall of Words' but somehow blogger wouldn't let me go back to it.

Swarnali suggested that I change it to 'Aniesha's Musings'. And I quote, "That way you don't change your blog name so much, but the essence changes from being downright boring, right?"

And so "Aniesha's Musings" was born. ^_^

July 27, 2014

WOW: 'A funny thing happened on my way to..."

"To imagine is everything, to know is nothing at all." - Antole France
Include this line in your post: "A funny thing happened on my way to...."

A funny thing happened on my way to life.
I had hit pause and had just sat down to enjoy the sunset.
I didn't know what would follow the sunrise,
But I decided this was the moment I'd savor.
Who knew? Perhaps I'd remember it forever.

While I sat on the bench,
Someone else came whistling up, hands in their pockets,
They asked if they could join me.
I looked around and said, "Why not?
This seat is empty."

We sat in silence and watched the sunset.
"Don't you ever worry about what will happen next?"
The question escaped their lips before they could stop,
And smiling I replied, "Well, I try not to...
What's the point?"

"Well, the point is," they went on, 
"If you don't know where you're headed 
How will know if you're on the right track?"
At this laughed and said, 
"I won't be sitting on the right track for long.
The trains won't stop for me.
This is my pause. A break from life.
It's not going to be forever."

"Oh really?" 
And I could smell the sarcasm dripping 
from their voice,
"How long have you been sitting here, 

Then the realization crashed on me,
like the rain suddenly falls,
after thunder has warned you just a 
couple of times.
And no it wasn't pitter-patter.
It was the raining cats and dogs kind.

The sunset had stayed as long as I'd wanted.
I'd gotten so used to stay in one spot,
And hold on to the memories 
Slipping between my fingers,
I didn't move on.

But now, I can see it's time.
Time to get up, and get on with life.
I smiled at the mysterious stranger,
Gave them a hug and bade them farewell.

A funny thing did happen on my way to life.
Didn't know how, 
And didn't quite realize when...
I'd fallen victim to postponing getting up again. 

Oh, the funniest of all things that has ever happened 
So far,
I'd wasted time just sitting there,
Watching a glorious sunset.
Never quite knowing, 
The sun would shine down on me -
Whenever I chose it to!

July 20, 2014

Musing: Au Revoir

I remember reading Malgudi Days as a kid, and I remember reading about Rama Rao. But Swami and Friends…that only rang a very faint bell in my head. Malgudi Schooldays was recently given to me as a parting gift. And as is the custom with me, I badgered the presenter to write something in the book. (Some people refuse to follow this rule. -__-)

So my friend decided to write this in the book:

I looked at my friend blankly and asked, “But what does that even mean?”

“Wait, you haven’t yet read the book?”

I shook my head, and held the book out to our other friend, “Does this make sense to you?”

Being much wiser, this friend smiled and said, “Yes…it does make a lot of sense to me. Read it, read it – you’ll get it.”

On my way home, I kept thinking about the inscription and the obvious connection to the book. I hadn’t read it yet – and I was dying to know what it meant. I was thoroughly annoyed because I had to pick out story books for a neighbor’s kid. I hastily picked out Arabian Nights and an Enid Blyton. I am somehow sure, no one will feel the need to introduce the kid to Arabian Nights and felt it was my duty to do it.

I got home, gave the books to my mum – engaged in conversation with her. Then leapt into my bed with the book, and took exactly two breaks while reading the book: one, for dinner and the other to whip up a dessert for the family. After a long time, I finished a book in less than three hours.
I grinned like an idiot when the book started out, laughing with Swami and at Swami. And as the story progressed, I kept feeling sad for him and sorry about all the troubles he kept getting into all the time. I flinched when I read about the violence meted out to him…and the ending.

It completely and utterly broke my heart.

Because now I finally realized what the inscription my friend had written meant. The significance of those words in our lives and in Swami’s lives became one big blur for me. And I decided to seek refuge the only way I know how: writing.

I understand the knowing smile on our other friend’s face.

I understand the evil glint in my friend’s eyes.

And I realized that the trains of our lives have slowly begun to gather speed. It was so nice to think that even twenty four year olds sometimes have all the time in the world. (We spent a good part of yesterday afternoon building houses or trying to with lego! :P)

Right now, I’ll be the one standing on the platform, watching your train pull away, waving farewell at you… J Goodbyes have never been my favorite thing. So I’ll just tell myself what a wise man had once said, “Never say goodbye. But au revoir…”

July 17, 2014

Celebrating International Author's Day+ Giveaway

Writers are the people who take us by the hand and pull us into their world. Sometimes we fall in love with these places so much, that it becomes quite difficult to cope with reality afterwards. 

As someone who grew up with Harry Potter, I know the kind of impact our books have on our lives...

It's sad to find out that there is no such day solely dedicated to our authors. The ones who spend a lot of time coming with the stories, which you love to read. Love to trash sometimes too. Either way - there is love involved.

As a writer who is still yet to make it big in the industry, the celebration of International Authors'Day (organized by b00k r3vi3ws) means a lot.

And to celebrate it, I have a giveaway for all you lovely readers.

Just enter the giveaway below to win a couple of books. One of them is, in fact, my debut novel :)

Good luck, people! ^_^

P.S. - This giveaway is open only those who have an Indian postal address, where the giveaway can be shipped to :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

July 6, 2014

Musing: While the World Slept

“The night is the hardest time to be alive and 4 am knows all my secrets.” 

― Poppy Z. Brite

Even though I love all my friends dearly there are certain times when I like nothing better than to sit by myself and get utterly lost in my own labyrinth of thoughts. Yesterday night was one such day for me. Or should be day before yesterday night? 

We had stayed over at a friend's house. And she lives on the seventh floor of the oldest high rise in Gariahat...and I'll admit that I've fallen head over heels in love with her verandah. After everyone had retired for the night around 3 am, I sat there, looking out into the street and wondering how could I've lived in this city for twenty four years and never realized how pretty she is?

Gariahat-Golpark Mor at 3:!4am 

My precious digital camera got spoiled last year and I've not bought a new one. All I have is a 'smart phone' which sometimes decides to freeze on me -_- 

But I just had to click a picture to keep it in my memory forever. I fiddled on YouTube on the said smart phone, hoping I'd find the perfect song playing in the background, as I watched a lone car or two pass by. There were just too many thoughts running through my head, as I sat there, alone. 

Yes, I was alone. But I wasn't lonely in the slightest. My city kept me company in the silence. And as it happens with most perfect moments, I found the song, which moved me to tears...

You're trying not to think about what went wrong

Trying not to stop 'til you get where you goin'
You're trying to stay awake so I bet you turn on the radio
And the song goes

Who knew that a song I'd discovered pretty much accidentally about a year ago, would be the song that fit into this particular situation?  Nothing really happened, you see. Except...I finally felt at peace. I have felt like a duck for more than a year now - all calm on the surface, but paddling like a psychopath underneath to keep myself from drowning. 

I have been so scared of getting hurt, I've blocked people from getting to know me. I always thought keeping people at distance was the safest bet for both me and the person in question. Too often I took shelter under rudeness and anger...no one likes approaching people who are always cold. Isn't it? 

But as the song went on, I realized something else. 

The highway won't hold you tonight
The highway don't know you're alive
The highway don't care if you're all alone
But I do, I do.
The highway won't dry your tears
The highway don't need you here
The highway don't care if you're coming home
But I do, I do.

And when all had seemed lost last year, there were people who came into my life and the ones who'd always been there in my life. Tore down the walls I'd spent so long building up. Who cared and still care, more than words can ever tell you. Whose 'I love you's have always come from the heart. Who don't shy away from telling me exactly what they think of me. And whose one hug managed to heal my broken heart - not once, but a million times over.

I slept off around 4:30 am. Content that I no longer have to hide behind the silence. Even though it's peaceful, sometimes it's nice to speak up.

Same place, at 8:15am

I woke up around seven thirty....and half an hour later, as we sipped tea in the verandah, I took this second picture. 

"I think I witnessed some kind of a story," I told my friend. 

"I know what you mean," my friend smiled, "this verandah has seen a lot of them, I think."

I came home and still couldn't get over the beautiful thing that I experience. And I know words will never do justice to the hours I spent musing in the verandah, while the rest of world slept soundly. 

Must have still been pretty buzzed with the happiness and exhilaration of the brilliant time spent in the quietness of the beautiful night...because when someone asked me to read their blog post, I actually sent the following picture - 

And a collage of the two pictures, because I was really happy :)

 Saying, "Doesn't this tell a story in itself? I had no idea my city could be this beautiful. I got to know that yesterday. ^_^" 

And I must have really scared the person, because after a brief, "They re nice!", they disappeared. Oh well, I guess I really should've stayed away from socializing when my head was clearly somewhere else... 

There are certain things which no matter how hard you try - you can never explain to someone else. I guess last night was one such experience. 

On that note, 

“Some nights are made for torture, or reflection, or the savoring of loneliness.” 

― Poppy Z. Brite