December 31, 2015

Musings: Oh, 2015!

Dear 2015, 

You were possibly one of the best years of my life. I don't know if I'll ever be able to tell you in words how much I love you. 

Let me tell you 10 Reasons as to why I have loved you so much. 

1. The Rajasthan Trip 

2. The Mumbai Trip

Meeting Akanksha after eight long years in Mumbai. 

3. Treading the waters for Self-Publishing 

4. Completing MPhil thesis on time and submitting it too. 

5. Getting featured in Times of India 

6. When Our Worlds Collide - the second work of fiction being recognized :)) 

6. Playing Secret Santa with Bibliobibulis 

7. Meeting some very amazing people too (look, you know who you are.) 

8. Not where I want to be, but so very glad I am not where I used to be. 

9. My life finally feels like it's headed in the right direction. 

10. I am still very much me. The essence of 'Aniesha' will never go away. I'll always try to retain what makes me, me. No matter how much I change...

Here's hoping 2016 is going to be as full of joy as 2015. 

Until next time, 
Love from 

P.S. - I met Ruskin Bond this year. So....that was the BIGGEST thing for 2015!!!

December 30, 2015

Musing: Year End Resolutions

Today is the second last day of 2015 and guess what...I still have 10 things that I need to do before I run of time. And as ridiculous as every single one the items are on the list I had my own reasons for penning them down: 

(Don't judge me.)

Thank you Diptee di, Subhro da and Ri for this very cute POST-IT note

I'm pretty sure the last one is going to make you all go, "Whaaaaaa------???" But before all your brains begin to device and concoct theories which in reality make zero sense, let me explain it. 

The love letter is for myself. I intend to write a love letter for my future self. You're probably going to roll your eyes at this statement and say, "Ha ha! Don't lie to us, Aniesha." The only response I have to that is, "I'm not going to waste my time explaining this to you. Moving on." 

But in case you guys want to do this, it's called writing a love letter to yourself. I know it sounds weird and borderline insane, but it's a really good idea to write about all the good things about yourself, all the things you've achieved and all the people in your life you are grateful for in the form of a letter. Because in 2016 on a day when things go wrong (because I promise you that on certain days things will seem bleak), when you stumble across this letter, it'll fill you with a lot of hope. 

Christmas Loot from Diptee Di, Subhro Da and Ri 
Now let's go back to my list again. BUZZ Magazine. Yes, I'm going to stay up all night if needed, but we're going to bring out that magazine before 2015 ends for sure. 

The letters that I need to write and I need to post. I located a Post Office closer to my home. Guess who's going to NOT work and write letters today? ;) And guess who is leaving her house at 9:45 am tomorrow :P

Father Christmas visited the wrong house!!!
5 to 7 are things which I believe I need to work on. Although to be honest, I have not been very angry in a long, long time. So maybe I'm so over all that rage that used to keep me a prisoner. I've learned how to let go... Or maybe I have just accepted life as it is and not as I think it should be...I don't know. (Okay, this is confusing. New thing on the list: 11. STOP BEING SO CONFUSED.)

Write a short story. That one's actually the easiest one on my list. Writing is second nature to me. So I'll post a story soon. Maybe it'll be my New Year's gift to you all. 

And the review of 2015. Umm...can this blog post count as it? Okay, no. No more being lazy. I'll do that as a special for 31st December. Focusing on only the good things of 2015. 

I got a lot of things this Christmas. But the best one was this: 

Bibliobibuli's Secret Santa Gift
My friend Esha was really surprised that I got a lot of diaries for Christmas, because to quote her, "When was the last time you wrote in a notebook?" 

(Writing down work lists, and planning out updates do not count by the way.) She meant writing journals, stories in diaries and maybe even poems. Well, maybe this time I'll do it. 

I did get a lot of diaries and it's time I put them into good use. I have begun to art journal. Which is actually such a brilliant way to relax...since you do whatever you want, without the whole, "Oh my God...this HAS to make sense. This HAS to go this certain way." 

And a friend of my requested that instead of a letter, I write a whole journal and send it to them at the end of the year. (Ha ha. So NOT going to happen.)

I've lost track of my train of thoughts now. But yes, I'll be back tomorrow with all the good things that happened in 2015. And what I think about New Year's. 

Until next time, 
Love from 

P.S. Do you guys have some leftover work for 2015? Are you going to race against time to get it done like me? Let me know in the comments section below. 

December 11, 2015

#Ask Aniesha: When Our Worlds Collide

I had asked the readers of When Our Worlds Collide that they could ask me questions on twitter, with the hashtags #AskAniesha and #WOWC.

Here are your answers!!! 

@sachinprabhu007 asked: (Sachin)

Do you have a travel diary like Zayn? 

Answer: No, I don't. But I do know someone who does. :))

What inspired you to write this book?

Answer: I wrote it to help myself think a little clearly about things. I was living vicariously through Akriti. 

What was the most difficult phase that you faced while writing this book?

Answer: The scenes with Akriti's dad. It used to leave me emotionally drained. It's not a nice thing, fighting with one's parents: even fictional. 

What are the themes you would most like to write about in future?

Answer: I want to write about deeper things than just romance. I want to explore things like drug abuse, depression, and bullying etc, with of course a little bit of romance. 

@sudeshnat93 asked: (Sudeshna)

Are you hopeful that guys like Ayoub exist? 

Answer: I know they do. You just need to keep your eyes open for them. 

@SarikaP8 asked: (Sarika)

I love how WOWC ended, but if you were forced to end it another way, how would you do it? Where would 'A' be? 

Answer: I had decided at the very beginning that no matter what happens, Zayn and Akriti wouldn't end up together. I find it funny how other YA novels always, always has the girl finally get the guy at the end of the day. In another timeline, maybe she'd end up with Ayoub and begin a war with Esha. But, she wouldn't have ended up with Zayn. That much I can guarantee. 

This just struck me: Akriti and Zayn are basically A & Z. What goes around, comes around type. Intentional? 

Answer: Originally, Zayn was called Piyush. Then I changed it to was done unconsciously but well, A to Z does have a nice symbolism, doesn't it? 

@booklovingnerd asked: (Nivedita)

When will I get my Ayoub story? 

Answer: I already shared a snippet from it with you, Nivs! :)) And, I don't know. I have two more ideas in the pipeline!