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Empty corridoor
Empty room
Empty bed
And an empty heart

Never thought just one person would hold such a place
In my little heart!

Never imagined that if one footstep died away,
It would create so many echoes

Never did it cross my mind that just one individual's absence
Would bring forth the void in my life

People meet, stay and then they part....
If they have to leave, why do they take up a special place in our heart?

I had never thought that one's going a way
would make me face an emotion I never faced before

Never would I be compelled to say "I miss you"

But all that changed...and I do miss the sweetest girl
That God had gifted me even before I was born

She is a Goddess of her own kind, with flaws and perfection blended together

I start each time someone mentions her name,
Talks about her,
Or even carelessly speaks of the past

It hurts me to miss her,
For I know she isn't here for a greater cause

But the heart is selfish and rules over the mind
And always wants to get its way
To go whe…

Hands Of God

There were days when the Sun would shine,
Shine brightly in the sky
For even He knew that true relations never die

But now the Sun has been clouded over
He cannot penetrate through the darkness
He cannot save me from Fate

I will lose the sweetest piece of my heart
Someone I had loved so much
It hurts me....
To think life has taken a different route
And I am in the road not many tread

Innocence was long since lost
The dreams that the heart craved -
had long since been broken
In reality....there never is a happily ever after

Yet, I can't bring myself to give up
Although I despair...some part of me
Is lost in the depths that hopeless hope brings
My heart is set on dreaming well of the future...
It refuses to believe all has been lost

Not everything is to be left to God or Fate
Sometimes....we are faced with choices
And I choose happiness
I want to see myself break into a smile,
Feel the warmth that only a happy heart offers....
Be cheerful even when I'm faced with sorrow
Because only that will see me thro…