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Musings: Writers are born, not made

There’s a question that refuses to leave my mind, hours after it was asked. “What is your problem, Aniesha? Why are you always complaining?” And after much deliberation I have come to the inevitable conclusion: It’s not me, it’s YOU. 
We are underpaid and overworked. We are asked to leave behind our true passion for we are paid a certain fee for our “writing services”. Our ideas are trashed for the reason we are from a different background. But let me tell you, Sir, my background is far superior to yours. 
Truth is, creative people are creative. Sometimes we need someone to believe in us. Or much like the fairies in Neverland, we tend to die as well. But what would you know about that? Obsessed was you are with winning awards, you don’t see what is right for your team at all. 
For over a year, I’ve had to listen to this feedback - “I won’t give you a pitch because you’re not there yet.” And after a year when I finally get a retainer account, the client loves it. They believe the ideas ar…