January 17, 2010

Always Something On My Mind

Remember those dreams, we dreamt as children?
Life was stretched out...as a colorful walk on the rainbow...
Did you really bargain...
for the life that we know?

All those nights, when we gazed at stars
When our dreams seemed to be so near us
And now, they just seem too far.

Life isn't a walk in the park,
Things will never come to us easy
and as days pass, everything gets drowned out...
We keep saying, "I'm busy!"

But why?

We keep saying, "Someday, things will fall in place!"
Tell me, what is the point of this race?
Because by the time I win it...

It will be time to say goodbye.

You get one chance at life.
Better do it right.

Write the story as it was meant to be written,
Enjoy the little things...
Allow yourself to be smitten

Dance when it rains,
Laugh when you are happy,
Drown out your anger and anguishes
Make time for love even if you're busy...

Remember the time,
when you wanted to go waltzing on the moon?

Remember the day,
you said you wanted another room?

Remember those times...you dreamed up as a child
Don't they seem now to be silly and wild?

As I look back, as my twenty years past...
I wonder how time went by so fast :-/
Life as I knew it ended in a way unkind...

and I look back to realize, there had always been something on my mind!!


The world is asleep,

Cradled in Mother Nature's lap...

Only restless children like us

Are still awake.

As we talk to each other,

We think of ways

To calm ourselves down,

To feel the inner quiet.


that starts in the background

Soft, gentle notes

Fill up the the space....

As the notes emerge,

We close our eyes

And feel our souls transcend

In peace...

Away from the daily trials,

tribulations, the fights,

the petty details

that make life


To a new place,

A whole new world...

Where there is just peace,


and music for the soul.

Such a world

comes into being...

only at this hour of the night...

Only when we let ourselves go

And only when the music

Takes control

over our tired,