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Book Blast: Metamorphing by Kunal Pancholi

About the Book

28THAPRIL, 2000: Flight No. 9x4876 bound to Srinagar has crash landed into the Everest Base camp. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the flight mysteriously went off the radar for few minutes and missed its landing. All passengers are feared dead… except for three bodies that are yet to be recovered.
8THDECEMBER, 2050:This, without doubt is the most gruesome murder in recent times. Early this morning, an unidentified woman was found mutilated at the western gates of the abandoned Victoria Terminus Station in Mumbai. Authorities report her head was … well … semi-decapitated and she was drained of all her blood. The shocking part - the crime scene was devoid of any signs of blood spatter…
ROHAN: He was shorter than the shortest girl in school; he had to be ahead in the game!
RUDRA:A man without a past, coaxed into a murder investigation; will he ever grasp the true nature of the crime?
A thrilling tale about two men bound by an untraceable yet undeniable fate - One running …

Introduction: BUZZ MAGAZINE

A group of friends of mine and I debated over the fact there isn't a magazine that all of us would love to read. The gave rise to the  thought that we ought to launch our very own magazine. Which wouldn't only be restricted to being a literary, a sports, or a health and fitness magazine. It would have several twists. It wouldn't be exclusive. It would be inclusive.  We sat up half the night, trying to find a befitting name. 
We finally found one! 

The official facebook page for which can be found at:
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As we pitched this concept to all our friends and acquaintances, Vault of Books, decided to be partners with us.
If you are interested to write for us, shoot us a mail at: //
We'll send across the details that you would require. 

We would also suggest that you keep an eye o…