May 31, 2013

Serial Review: The Joey-Phoebe Factor

When FRIENDS began in 1994, everyone assumed eventually the six of them would end up together. Well, the Ross-Rachael pair was the most predictable of the lot. In fact it was the one story line, done to death with. In all the ten seasons of FRIENDS, Ross and Rachael, kept hooking up and breaking up, to the point of having a child together (Emma), and finally they do end up together in the very last episode. Just like all the fans of FRIENDS had always wanted.

Chandler and Monica's love story was quite unpredictable. In of the earlier season, Chandler had suggested that if Monica remains unmarried even when she's forty, then he and she could get together and have a baby. Of course Monica being Monica asks, "Why would I be unmarried when I am forty?" In a certain twist of faith, during their trip to Europe, Monica and Chandler end up spending a night together. What they assume to be a "fun, one nightstand" actually becomes the start of a wonderful relationship. True, this couple went through several issues of their own but they tied the knot, and adopted twins when they couldn't have babies of their own. By far, they are the cutest couple to have graced our television screens till date.

This now brings us to the last two main characters - Phoebe and Joey - who loads of people have felt should have gotten together in the end. In season 1, Joey dates Phoebe's twin sister Ursula stating, "She's hot." The fact that Phoebe and Ursula are in fact identical twins completely escapes him.

Phoebe and Joey share one of the cutest and best friendships to be depicted on screen. When Ursula begins to avoid Joey, Phoebe takes it upon herself to dress up like her twin and tell Joey she's breaking up with him. Of course a little peck on the lips and Joey catches on to Phoebe's little game. But he's touched by her concern for him.

Over the years Phoebe taught him to play the guitar (she named the chords weird things after their shapes), she has played several games she has invented with him. One of them was clearing your mind and answering a series of rapid fire questions, without thinking. When Phoebe gets pregnant with the triplets and has meat cravings, Joey offers to give up meat on her behalf.

Joey's character was dumbed down for some reason from season 1. Phoebe was always shown to be a really crazy person,  but who loves her friends very dearly. And somehow, I personally never saw sparks flying between these two characters. It was a good thing that Phoebe was married to Mike, because he completed her in a way Joey simply does not.

It was refreshing to see that two main characters who were shown from the start to be such amazing friends, remained so till the very end. The cliched happy ending wasn't used for their story, and I am so glad they made all the fans FRIENDS happy, by not making ALL six of them end up with each other. 

May 29, 2013

Poem: Confusion

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
I just freaking hate you.
And then you give me that crooked smile,
Ask me again and again, "Why do you say that?"
I feel like going and banging my head against the wall,
Wondering if watching me hurt myself,
If you ever spied my heart bleeding, you would realize
Why I keep up this constant refrain of saying "I hate you"
Because you've taken away my space, you've taken away that comfortable zone,
Where I could once tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me.
Now we speak to each other, and we laugh at each other.
We laugh with each other. Even now we share stories which were supposed to be buried,
Even now my heart skips a beat every time I see your name.
And I still wonder why you have to deny the truth which is staring back at your face.
I wonder why you save your own feelings by being so horrible to me...
You are so sweet to me, you almost drive me up the wall.
And loving you is like trying to be with someone who's only going to make me fall,
Harder each and every day - but without a single intention of ever catching me.
Maybe one day I'll fall so hard I'd break my neck and die,
Perhaps then you'd notice what went went wrong and you'd tell me why,
You had been this mean to me for so many days on end.
Why you had led me to believe we are more than just friends.
Oh God, you don't know how much I hate you. And you never will too.
Because despite hating you so much, I'm still in love with you.

May 19, 2013

Poem: Answer...

I have a terrible habit,
Looking over my shoulders, and looking beyond
On rainy nights I curl up and escape from the weather,
Very thought of it made me run for cover...
Every night almost it rains now and
You cross my mind... I remember how you looked,
Over again I could go through the same things, just to be in this moment with you...
Umbrellas were long forgotten, and the rain....
The beautiful rain drenching me to the skin,
On the surface, I look cold and distant... But trust me,
Outer words and actions don't mean anything. (What I mean would know!)

Poem: Mixed Signals

Honestly, I am so tired now.
I am tried of the white lies that have
turned a shade darker now...
Tired of the sweet nothings, 
that now mean nothing. To both you and me.
Or perhaps just to you.
I am tired now, of going through the same old 
Tiring things, of the same twisted words,
the same actions. And being told yet again,
My mind was simply playing tricks on me.
And I am tired of you, coming to me whenever you want.
Making me feel special 
And leaving again, without so much as a goodbye.
Disbelieving was never in my dictionary,
but you are making me add new words now...
Skeptical, moody, weird and so many more.
Things which I always believed to be on the 
Other side of the door.
How can you make someone feel so good one day,
And kick them hard the next?
How is it possible to change your mind, 
In the blink of eye?
And tell me why,
Why would you come into someone's life, mess with their head,
the feelings, and almost take them to the point of believing,
This could be the start of something new...
Only to turn your back on them, when they have done nothing else,
But to return your gestures. They didn't do anything but smile,
and tell you wordlessly, they are exactly where you wanted them to be.
How can you tell someone you like them, 
Then forget all about it the next day? 
And why would you make someone feel like they're someone special to you,
Unless of course, that's how are. That's how you've always been.
Then don't turn around and be surprised, 
When you will find that you cannot read her eyes. 
Don't be shocked to see her treating you the same way you did, 
And don't complain about how she changed.
How times keep changing...because know one thing,
You led her to do this.
You taught her your game...and when she's finally playing that,
Don't put the blame on her.
She was always there, when you needed her the most.
And for quite sometime you've made her feel lost.
But know this now, she's stronger than even she knows.
And I my guess is...this is how most of our stories go.
Until we find the one special person, until we find true love.
And I know, both she and I will find it, 
So long as the stars twinkle and the moon shines above.

May 2, 2013

Poem: Happiness Found

I really don't know why I keep doing the same things over and over,
Again. Even when I am trying my best to change...
Maybe I was really built that way, and maybe I am a little strange.
Summer days don't last forever, and you never know when it will rain.
Once upon a time, the four words which actually begin a new tale,
Ready or not, you have to try new things, climb on new sails.
Restless days and then will come those rainy, starry nights
You wouldn't even be able to tell who actually started the fight!

Months will whiz by, and then multiply into years
Everyone would be slowly moving on with life,
Everyday would only bring new fears.
Today is the best bet you have, so please don't throw it away.
Maybe tomorrow would lead us both astray....
Ever though about it, in this way?