Poem: Happiness Found

I really don't know why I keep doing the same things over and over,
Again. Even when I am trying my best to change...
Maybe I was really built that way, and maybe I am a little strange.
Summer days don't last forever, and you never know when it will rain.
Once upon a time, the four words which actually begin a new tale,
Ready or not, you have to try new things, climb on new sails.
Restless days and then will come those rainy, starry nights
You wouldn't even be able to tell who actually started the fight!

Months will whiz by, and then multiply into years
Everyone would be slowly moving on with life,
Everyday would only bring new fears.
Today is the best bet you have, so please don't throw it away.
Maybe tomorrow would lead us both astray....
Ever though about it, in this way?


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