Poem: Mixed Signals

Honestly, I am so tired now.
I am tried of the white lies that have
turned a shade darker now...
Tired of the sweet nothings, 
that now mean nothing. To both you and me.
Or perhaps just to you.
I am tired now, of going through the same old 
Tiring things, of the same twisted words,
the same actions. And being told yet again,
My mind was simply playing tricks on me.
And I am tired of you, coming to me whenever you want.
Making me feel special 
And leaving again, without so much as a goodbye.
Disbelieving was never in my dictionary,
but you are making me add new words now...
Skeptical, moody, weird and so many more.
Things which I always believed to be on the 
Other side of the door.
How can you make someone feel so good one day,
And kick them hard the next?
How is it possible to change your mind, 
In the blink of eye?
And tell me why,
Why would you come into someone's life, mess with their head,
the feelings, and almost take them to the point of believing,
This could be the start of something new...
Only to turn your back on them, when they have done nothing else,
But to return your gestures. They didn't do anything but smile,
and tell you wordlessly, they are exactly where you wanted them to be.
How can you tell someone you like them, 
Then forget all about it the next day? 
And why would you make someone feel like they're someone special to you,
Unless of course, that's how are. That's how you've always been.
Then don't turn around and be surprised, 
When you will find that you cannot read her eyes. 
Don't be shocked to see her treating you the same way you did, 
And don't complain about how she changed.
How times keep changing...because know one thing,
You led her to do this.
You taught her your game...and when she's finally playing that,
Don't put the blame on her.
She was always there, when you needed her the most.
And for quite sometime you've made her feel lost.
But know this now, she's stronger than even she knows.
And I my guess is...this is how most of our stories go.
Until we find the one special person, until we find true love.
And I know, both she and I will find it, 
So long as the stars twinkle and the moon shines above.


  1. Tumne fir apna cover pic change kar liya...

    This is painfully realistic..this poem...very good.
    Accha listen na, have you submitted your story for the Litreasure contest? On 'Temptation' theme


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