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The Last Poem for You

Pages torn from the notebook,
Pages blotted, and pages with faded writing.
The pages of my old book,
So very inviting.

Do you remember when we shared our thoughts?
When our verses came out as replies?
Do you remember, that day, so long ago, when we realized time flies?

Words might have faded, but you remained behind.
Etched deep in my memory.

You left a part of you, when you left in a hurry.
I know, I know.
It was a passing phase and you passed right through.
For I was the fool, who waited awhile for you.

This is the last poem, the last words from me to you.
Smile, for I still remember, long ago, I had loved you.

Thorns with every Rose

I was told to give everything time,
Things have a way of sorting itself out.
I was told to wait and eventually you would fade
From my memory.
But not a day passed when your face
Didn't haunt me.
Not a single one when I remembered
Our days together.
Tell me why, you still like to torture me
By strolling around my head?
We left a lot of things unsaid...
But you should go now.
As far away as possible from me,
Because I need to find myself
New memories.
Time said I would be fine.
Time lied.
I hoped someday you would be mine.
I hoped in vain.
I was told lies and I believed those...
But I remember now,
There are thorns with every rose.