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The Great Bag Sale! ~ The Paw Printz Bags

Finallyyyy.... say hello to "Paw Printz"  I had been driving my mother crazy to revamp her website and start using it for her products. She finally obliged, and now I can guide you to her website which can be found here.
If you love Facebook more, you can even check out her Facebook Page
In case you're wondering what you should expect from the website & FB page, here's a brief preview of what you can expect. 

These are called Kindergarten Side Bags. Aren't they cute? 

      Hand Marbled Jewelry Bags - multiple chambers to keep your things in place!

Hand Marbled Pencil Bags... which I can guarantee will fit all your pens and pencils..even if you have twenty different ones!

Checked Side Bags... Move over, mono colors... Colored check is the new thing in town now! 

Hand Marbled Side Bags...of which one has already been sold! 

Checked Single Chambered Toilette Bags... A cute thing to fit your stuff into...

Multi-Chambered Hand Marbled Toilette Bag 
If you liked this p…

Creative Time: Name Plates

So lately, I got into the habit of drawing again...and this time, it is name plates...

And as you can see, I didn't finish my whole name... I was merely experimenting then. With sketch pens and color pencils.

Then my friend and fellow blogger, Swarnali, asked me to make her one as well. When I asked her if she realized it was handmade, she replied in the affirmative. I was a bit worried people would think I was generating it from the computer. But I think the mismatched letters are a bit of a giveaway...

I made Swarnali this one, and she was over the moon with it. Currently she's using it as her cover picture and honestly, I feel so honored because of it.

This last name plate I made today, for a friend. Mostly because there is a 'U' in her name, and I wanted to draw the unicorn.

Ah well, I can see that this is steadily growing into one of my hobbies now. I am quite fond of drawing, and making name plates IS a lot of fun. For now, I think I'll hunt for unusual name…

IndiVine Post: The Character

Taking your cue from the versatile characters in Jacob Hills, flesh out your own protagonists and antagonists to win 20 limited edition Hobbit Diaries. There are special prizes for the best illustrations, poems and character narratives!

This would be my 150th blog post, and what a wonderful way to celebrate it. Writing about the thing I love the most in the world: creating characters. Before I begin with explaining my protagonist and antagonist, may I simply ask my readers to let their imaginations flow a little? Because you see instead of creating run-of-the-mill characters, I wanted to come up with something refreshingly different.

Hence, I decided to set my characters in a fantasy land, called Arpelia.(Name courtesy: Fantasy Land Name Generator)

THE PROTAGONIST : Princess Zoya 

 This is Zoya.
"Princess Zoya," she likes to correct, anyone who mistakenly calls her by her first name.
She is seventeen years old, soon to come of age.
Zoya is a sweet-natured and fun loving girl.

Blogger Contest: The Mia Woman In My Life by Tanishq

For women, work is a form of their self-expression. We are struck by the beauty of such women,by women like Megha in the TVC.

Tanishq invites you, bloggers, to write about one such woman who makes her work beautiful. For whom, it's a lot more important to love what she does, therefore taking work is worship to this worship is fun! Who zings up her presentations with her imagination and colours.This woman could be you. Or she could be from your office, your home or your class-room.

Mia from Tanishq is for such women whose every work is a little nit of her. Light and unflashy, Tanishq's Mia collection suits her to the T. Mia, adds on an already complete, beautiful woman.

Write 2 paragraphs on the above theme and tell us who that Mia woman is in your life:

After watching the Mia video by Tanisqh, which features, Megha, the only woman in my life who fits the perfect description of the Mia woman is my mother: Indrani Brahma.

She truly is one of a kind, putting her daughters (my sister…

IndiVine Post: The Dream Destination

If you could take your family or friends to any place on the planet, where would that be and how would you make your trip the happiest one ever?
For me, my dream vacation would be in Singapore. Not only is the country one of the safest places in the world, but because it is where one my most favorite people in world lives: my sister, Roopsha.

If had to take just one person along with me for the dream vacation, without a doubt, I would choose the one person I love the most in the world: my mother, Indrani.

I have been to Singapore twice before. Once, all on my own, and next time with my mother and aunt. And being there for two weeks and twelve days, respectively, made me believe that this could be a dream destination for me.
The advantage about already knowing the place you're going to visit is that you can plan ahead. You already know the places where you should go in order to make the trip the happiest and the most memorable. Supposing I was to take my mother on a trip to Singapo…