The Great Bag Sale! ~ The Paw Printz Bags

Finallyyyy.... say hello to "Paw Printz" 

I had been driving my mother crazy to revamp her website and start using it for her products. She finally obliged, and now I can guide you to her website which can be found here.

If you love Facebook more, you can even check out her Facebook Page

In case you're wondering what you should expect from the website & FB page, here's a brief preview of what you can expect. 

These are called Kindergarten Side Bags. Aren't they cute? 

                              Hand Marbled Jewelry Bags - multiple chambers to keep your things in place!

Hand Marbled Pencil Bags... which I can guarantee will fit all your pens and pencils..even if you have twenty different ones!

Checked Side Bags... Move over, mono colors... Colored check is the new thing in town now! 

Hand Marbled Side Bags...of which one has already been sold! 

Checked Single Chambered Toilette Bags... A cute thing to fit your stuff into...

Multi-Chambered Hand Marbled Toilette Bag 

If you liked this preview, I urge you to place your orders with Paw Printz today! 
Just shoot them a mail & they will get back to you at the earliest...

Paw Printz T-Shirts: 

Some of the hand painted t-shirts Paw Printz had made in the past... right now they don't have this in stock. But the collection is being worked on. You can take a look:

And you're most welcome to book your t-shirts today - along with preferred color & size!

So, do leave me comments on what you thought of the products so's hoping you like the venture, and warm regards from our mascot:


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