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This would be my 150th blog post, and what a wonderful way to celebrate it. Writing about the thing I love the most in the world: creating characters. Before I begin with explaining my protagonist and antagonist, may I simply ask my readers to let their imaginations flow a little? Because you see instead of creating run-of-the-mill characters, I wanted to come up with something refreshingly different.

Hence, I decided to set my characters in a fantasy land, called Arpelia.(Name courtesy: Fantasy Land Name Generator)

THE PROTAGONIST : Princess Zoya 

The Protagonist: Princess Zoya, 17
 This is Zoya.
"Princess Zoya," she likes to correct, anyone who mistakenly calls her by her first name.
She is seventeen years old, soon to come of age.
Zoya is a sweet-natured and fun loving girl.
She is extremely loyal to her friends, places her family above everything else.
Zoya knows that the responsibility of her kingdom would soon rest on her shoulders. And she has mixed feelings about it. For on one hand, she wants to lead a normal life. On the other, she knows her people are counting on her.
Her normally even temper is tested when her life crosses paths with Prince Arvind's.
They're always at loggerheads, and won't even agree to disagree.
When the Elders propose a marriage between the two, since 'a young girl cannot be entrusted with a kingdom', Princess Zoya vows to go to any lengths to prove them wrong.
She is very bubbly and her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. She questions her tutors in exhaustion, and every single reason placed before her needs to be justified. Or she simply cocks her head to one side and asks, "Why?"
Although she looks like a Princess out of a fairy tale book, with her dangling ear rings, her off shoulder pale blue dress and her crookedly placed tiara, she has the heart of a lion and the kindness of a mother bear.
Princess Zoya is a very modern day Princess - respected and loved at the same time.

THE ANTAGONIST: Prince Arvind 

The Antagonist: Prince Arvind, 19
Prince Arvind lost his parents when he was fourteen years old. Though he let the oldest male member of the family take the throne, Prince Arvind is the one running his entire kingdom. He is presently nineteen years old, and has come to Zoya's kingdom on her father's request, with his guardian.
Prince Arvind is brooding and has a dark humor.
When he laughs, his beady black eyes glint with malice. His shock of jet black hair has refused to settle down quietly on his head so far.
Zoya has come to believe he doesn't have a heart and he never tries to correct this notion of hers.
He resents it when the Elders propose that Arvind and Zoya should be betrothed to each other, but realizes that it would be a good expansion of his kingdom. So he agrees.
Zoya does not. He is not even bothered by the "silly challenges" the girl keeps coming up with.
Rather he is mildly amused as he keeps emerging victorious every single time.
Arvind is also scowling and seems unapproachable to everyone.
He's just embittered by the twin deaths of his parents, and vows to avenge them as soon as he figures out the mystery of their deaths.
He keeps to himself. Doesn't talk much, and is very guarded about his life.

So, the framework goes thus...

Princess Zoya wants nothing better than to rule her kingdom by herself and become the Queen.
Prince Arvind wants to make sure he is the King of that land.

He is the biggest obstacle in her way, and he knows he needs to make things more difficult if he wants to win...

Princess Zoya is the protagonist in the story, who wants her kingdom.
The antagonist, Prince Arvind, will go to any lengths to keep her from fulfilling that dream.

The Antagonist & The Protagonist of Arpelia 

So, who would your Protagonist and Antagonist be? Tell me in the comments section below! Or take part in this wonderful contest...

This post is a part of The Character contest by IndiBlogger, taking a cue from Jacob Hills on Amazon.


  1. Lovely idea Aniesha. Even though I am not a big YA fan (you already know it) but i would really love to read this story :D Reminds me of those teenage crushes where you first fight and quarrel with them and then before you know, you already like them :D Good luck with the contest,love <3

    1. I thought you placed fantasy one notch higher over YA! :D
      ha ha, thank you, love <3

  2. your sketches are fabulous lovely sketches of characters in writing too .. creative indeed !! :)

    1. hello... :)

      well, thank you for your lovely comments! ^_^
      They mean a lot. Because as you might know, sometimes lack of comments really discourages the blogger :P

  3. Well you really sketch very well...the facial expressions are very good. The tale is like an old fable story we used to read in our childhood....good luck for this brought back old memories

    1. thank you, Ritesh :)) Especially for the comments on the sketches....ha ha, why you like them is actually beyond me :P


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