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Author Interview: Eric Lindstrom

Hello Eric, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to me. 😃
First things first: how did you take up writing?
Some of my earliest memories are of writing stories for fun, so I don’t really recall how it started.
What was your very first attempt at creative writing?
I wrote a one-page story when I was six years old, about an orange in a grocery store, wanting to be bought; and it was, by a harried mother with lots of unruly kids. It didn’t end well for the orange.
Where did you get the ideas for your stories?
Everything I’ve written has been triggered by something different, so I can’t really say where my ideas come from generally. I think about writing probably 80% of my waking time, and when you think about something that much, you churn through a lot of ideas and can write down the ones you like most.
For Not If I See You First, I wanted to write about having trouble connecting with new people and getting close to them. I tried to think of a way to make that particularly difficu…

Musings: How I Look At Friendships

High School Musical was one weird movie but there was this particular scene I really liked. Gabriella tells Troy things were easier when they were younger. You would sit next to each other, share a box of crayons during class, and suddenly you were the best of friends! They were in High School and they found it difficult to just be friends with each other.
My one year away from home taught me that as we grow up, we tend to put the least effort in our friendships. But if you have had the friends that I am constantly surrounded by, you would understand why to me friendships are important. It doesn’t matter if you came into my life twelve years ago or two weeks ago. If we are friends, I would treat you the way you deserve to be treated.
My friends taught me that it is okay to go the extra distance for each other. That it is perfectly okay to fall apart every once in a while. That while we enjoy each other’s company sitting at a rooftop bar, we would show up for each other at 6:00am just …