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Musings: 5 YA Books That Talked About Mental Health

For most of my childhood, I was depressed and anxious. I didn’t know why or how. I was depressed due to a variety of personal reasons and though my mother tried to make me tell her what was bothering me, I never could. Not because I didn’t want to tell her but because I had no idea what to tell her. As I was growing up the term ‘depression’ was very casually used. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal. People felt sad sometimes and the next day, they were magically better.
Sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning. That’s like saying, have you tried switching it off and restarting it again?
And it’s horrifying. How can you equate human emotions with that of a stupid mobile phone or TV? How can you simply ‘snap out of it’ if you’re suffering from depression and anxiety and you’re too young to know what these are in the first place!
Previously, Privy Trifles wrote a post about her own battle with depression as a child. Reading her article made me realize that with all the talk that goes aro…

Guest Post: Becoming My Own Saviour by Preethi Venugopala

I was born in a quaint, remote little village in North Kerala where myths, superstitions, and folklores colored the thoughts of its inhabitants. Luckily, I was born as the daughter of a man of science, a homeopathic doctor and a hypnotherapist, who worshiped the human mind.
I grew up hearing tales of the demons that lived on the giant Pala trees (Indian Devil Tree) and about the dangerous spirits that lurked in the darkness to pounce upon unsuspecting wanderers on certain full moon Fridays. But, at home, we were taught about the miracles the human mind was capable of performing and even the science behind certain common beliefs.
Homeopathy heals by stimulating the healing power or the vital force that exists in every living being, it studies in detail the intricate connections that exist between the mind and the body. A hypnotherapist learns to control the human mind. My father combined both these systems to heal his patients. More than that, he taught us that every single thought was …

Guest Post: "Depression" by Dhivya Balaji

Sample this conversation! “Hey, I wanted to ask you since morning! Why the long face?” “Not feeling well” “Tired? Feverish? Having a cold?” “No, no, feeling a bit depressed since yesterday. I am perfectly alright, now, though!” “Good to hear… So, feeling up for some fun?” “You bet!”
This is not an excerpt from any particular conversation, nor is it abnormal. It is actually a commonplace conversation that can happen between any two people. In the age of growing awareness among people about various mental illnesses, it is heartening to see more and more people talking about these, finally coming out of generations old taboos and realising that people with psychological ailments require as much help as people with physical ailments.
But this particular conversation is not really the best thing that could happen. Guess why? What is wrong? A concerned friend is enquiring another about them being dull, and the other friend is not shy to accept they have been depressed. Which part of this conversati…

Guest Post: The Beginning by Namrata (Privy Trifles)

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and in order to help make people more aware about mental health, I decided to run a series of guest posts on my blog on this very topic. Bloggers will be sharing their experiences and hopefully, these articles will help someone in dire need of it. People are finally talking about mental health and we want to keep the conversation going. Mental Health needs to be taken seriously and I hope this little series makes a difference in someone's life. _________________________________________________________________________________

You have been a bad girl and you deserve to be punished.” She said sternly oblivious to the tears in my eyes.  The punishment was always a boycott for a duration that depended on the gravity of the crime committed. It could vary from few hours to few days or weeks. I don’t remember anything about it except the feeling of being boycotted in your own house. They would continue with their lives in that time as if I never existed…

Musings: An Idiot's Guide To Being Best Friends With An Introvert

1. Respect their personal space.

They maybe your favourite person in the world and they might love you too. But if they don’t make the first move to hug you – don’t hug them. If you hug them when they are not feeling up to it, you’ll just find yourself wondering if you did something wrong. Maybe you did. But chances are they just need to find their inner calm before they are ready fully accept and embrace you. This could be the 20th time they are meeting you or the very first one.
2. Don't bug them.
If they are in a bad mood, bugging them about what is bothering them is not going to help you. They’ll shut off even more and might find your incessant questioning so irksome, that they could decide to cut you off from their lives completely. If you care about the introvert in your life, a word of advice: when they tell you to back off, respect it.
3. Hibernation is a thing.
Yes, there are days when you won’t hear from them. It would be like they never existed. They are not sad or angry wi…

Motivational Monday: Things To Remember Part 3

Do you remember when you started to write down the things you wanted to achieve? Do you remember making your bucket list?
Well, I cannot help but notice that you’ve stopped checking things off the list.
When did you get so comfortable, living day to day, without any wish of chasing your dreams. Remember the time you first sat on the plane? The time when you excitedly proclaimed to the world, you’ve love to live in another city someday...
How did you lose your way?
Decide what you want.
Make a plan. And go after it.
Stop thinking about the how, the why and the when.
You were single minded before.
Why would you let something else distract you from your original goals? 
Never let someone else rain on your parade. March to the beat of your own drum.
Remember that putting yourself first isn't selfish. You have one life. 
Make sure you check everything off your bucket list. 

You have only one life.
And if you get caught in the vicious cycle of what is this person going to think,
Or how …