December 24, 2010

I'm Walking On Sunshine!

I'm walking on sunshine (Wooah!)
I'm walking on sunshine (Wooah!)

And don't it feel good? :)

-Katrina & The Waves

This trip has finally come to its end. It's 10.20am in the morning now, and back home it is 7.47am....and in just a few more hours I'd be landing in Kolkata. Back home!!! I can't say I won't miss this place (I will miss having a safe way to cross roads) but I just want to go back home now...and I'm so happy, that I've been listening to happy songs since I woke up, (which by the way, wasn't a very long time back). HA HA HA HA!!!!

Nothing much left to go, except buy a few more chocolates for some of my most favorite people in the world. :D And the lunch at the West Coast Plaza. After which I'm going to come back and CRAM the rest of my things into my suitcase and backpack.

So, this is my official last blog post in Singapore Diaries from Singapore. I've had a lot of fun writing it - though towards the middle I had a melt down. Big hug to everyone who told me to hang on tight when that happened. I missed you all very much, and even though I am grateful to g talk and facebook for making it easier to keep in touch, it is just not the same when people are in the same city. :) You always have the assurance then that 'I can meet her up tomorrow.' To my friends who are currently not in the city, and are probably becoming sad reading this *an extra BIG hug* to you; and begin counting down the days till when we meet again.

I'm at the original place from where I'd begun writing this blog. And now as I watch the blue skies above me, the only thought that comes to my mind cold is Kolkata right now?

See you real soon, friends. :) Good morning!!!

December 23, 2010

Night Safari: An Awesome Experience

Ironically, my last night in Singapore turned out to be the best night so far. As you can see from the map provided above, my sister and I walked through the whole night safari in 1.5 hours flat. :) I must say it was MIND BLOWING experience seeing the two lions from a distance. And even from that distance they seemed so large. King of the jungle title is absolutely well-deserved. I saw so many kinds of leopards and hyenas, that if you asked me about then now, I would end up feeling dazed and confused. It was too dark to take pictures and of course, people are not allowed to use flash. However, the night safari experience is to be taken an account of first hand. Not through pictures. In fact, I would say that if you guys ever happen to come to Singapore - put visiting the night safari at the top of your list.
The funniest experience by far was my sister wondering if the tiger had been sedated, and the tiger suddenly decided to prove her wrong. He pulled up his head, and directly towards us...through the glass. :D It seems funny now. But right at that moment, my heart had stopped beating. I was wondering if he had enough strength to break through the glass. Another question that didi and I have been debating about is, whether the tiger could actually see us or is it a one-sided glass....we still haven't figured out the answer to that as of yet.
The hyenas scared the daylights out of me. :( It was creepy the way their eyes were following our movement.
We even saw the flying foxes - who I might add were bloody show offs. There were three, of which two were actually ignoring us and were having their food. The third one decided to climb on to the middle of the net built around them, and place himself delicately at the center. When the crowd least expected it, it showed us that it could indeed fly. Hah! Talk about show offs! But it was fun.
The night safari is open from 7.30pm till midnight. We'd gone there around 9pm, having dinner at fish and company - where I liked the sweet 'n sour fish. Which reminds me, there was something called a cat fish trail in the safari. :)
I still vote for the leopard trail to be the best one since that made us encounter the lions first. I must say I'm very lucky. I actually got to see and hear them roar. Apparently my sister's been to the night safari before and even though she'd hear the lions roaring and had sprinted off to see where they had been kept, her very brave husband forbade her to go looking for them. HA HA HA HA! I wonder what is he going to say when he finds out that we saw the lions and I nearly had to drag his wife away from the place, because I wanted to see the rest of the safari.
All in all, it was the most fun I've had in all the days I've stayed here, barring the weekend when we'd gone to the Bird Park and followed a trip to the Mind Cafe.
What did I get to remember this place by? A miniature tiger - so that I remember forever those large eyes looking directly at us. I just night have sweet nightmares about them tonight.... :-/ I don't think I'm ever going to stop going on and on about the lesser mousedeer, the greater mousedeer, the golden cat (which LOVED to pose for pics) and the goddamn BIG alligator (it gave me goosebumps. Uff, and didi had to point it out to me) and the numerous other animals I'd seen. But it's 12.15am here. And today I come back home. I should probably go and get some sleep now.
My blog will end tomorrow. :) To those who've followed it faithfully, thanks a lot for reading this you guys and I love you for that. I'm going to see you really soon.... Good night for now. Take care, and sweet dreams.

Singapora Plaza

Well yesterday was fun. We went to the Far East Plaza in Orchard first, and from there to the Singapora Plaza: where we'd met some of my sister's friends, and went to eat at the TCC. Once again, ordered pasta. :P

Of Hairdressers, Pasta, Inedible Chinese food and Novelette

This blog post would tell you what I've been up to since the 20th of December till the 21st. I finally got my long hair cut off in the 20th; with the hair dresser encouraging me to experiment, since I was still 'young'. She didn't believe me when I told her I was in college. Big surprise. Not one person here, save those of whom who'd seen me last year, believed I was actually the age I am. *sighs* I think it's a pretty good thing though. Don't you? ;) Anyway, the haircut was nice. My long hair has reached shoulder length now. I would've gushed about how different their hair parlor is, but I have a strong feeling we get things like that back home (albeit in sky high prices.) Besides the only thing that I found funny here is they don't have a concept of 'beauty parlor.' It is like 'nail parlor', 'hair dresser', 'face parlor' technically the expertise in any one of the fields not all of them.

We had food from pasta mania that day; and my pasta was pretty good to eat. I only wish I could remember the name of the dish. :(

It was on the 21st of December that we went to Chinatown and had authentic/traditional Chinese dishes. I don't think my taste buds quite liked the fact I had to have boiled food. And I've decided forever, KOLKATA FOOD ROCKS!!! Screw other places. :) Nothing could ever beat our traditional bhaat, daal, maach/mangsho combination. And another thing: spices rock. Those who prefer having bland food - go take a dip in the lake! :-/ How can you eat that stuff? :o

The last interesting thing about those two days. I made a challenge to myself, to see how mucb I could write. I decided on trying to write a novelette in just two days. And guess what? :P I was successful. It came to 7,674 words and just crossed the word count for a novelette. :D I'd never had more fun writing than then. :) {People might get to see it, or not...depends. ;)}

December 18, 2010

Of Hookahs, Board Games and Spilt Drinks!

So first we went to Arab Street where we had our food in one of the cafes, and they also serve hookah. I did take a couple of puffs (not out of my will though). It was my brother-in-law and his friend's "21 now, grow up!" speech or rather threat that me do take a couple of puffs. Little did they know that I literally *cannot* smoke! :D I tried it once during the beginning of 2nd year and simply decided that smoking is just NOT my cup of tea. I'd rather stick to doing what I love best. Note to people who might raise an eye brow while reading the sentence before: you can ONLY call someone a thief when they get caught. ;)

After dinner we went to The Mind Cafe, which in my definition was really cool. Awesome in fact. And it was the most fun I've had after the bird park. They serve you drinks along with letting you play board games. :D How cool is that? Of course you pay for those vouchers that they have, like 2 hours of board games plus drinks. Just check out the link, if you would like some information for yourselves.

What we played was a cross between pictionary and dumb charades. LOL! Had to act out a series of words written on a card. It was pretty fun though. The best part was my competitive big sister jumping up and down in excitement, and spilling MY drink all over the two of us. It was really hilarious.

The night ended with us coming back home in pretty high spirits, and me wondering WHY there are no board game parlors back home. Hey, maybe we could start one in the future? :) It would certainly be a fun, and fresh new idea. My only regret from this evening is, I forgot to take pictures at the Mind Cafe of everyone flailing their arms about, trying to make their team mates understand the words! :D

On that note, I'll take your leave now. Good night, and sweet dreams. It's the 19th already. We are inching towards 24th, every passing second. :)

A Visit to Jurong Bird Park

Well today was fun. :) We went to the Jurong Bird Park and had a fabulous time there. I mean, I don't remember being this entertained for a long, long time. :D The two bird shows: birds & buddies and the birds of prey were fascinating to watch. I will upload those pics on to my laptop soon, and from there transform them into the web so that everyone can enjoy them. Well firstly, I must say that owl has become my favorite bird. :) They're really cute and quite the show off. Rotating their heads 360 degrees whenever you try to get a decent shot of theirs. By the way, to all the fans of Sheila ki jawani...they was a hunting eagle named Sheila in one of the shows. And we all laughed loudly on hearing her name. Over all, it was a fun day out. Really had fun today. The park was simply awesome. I wouldn't have minded just gazing at all the different kinds of birds that they least they try to help these poor creatures. Another thing that caught my attention was that SBI had adopted the flamingos in the park, and provided the finance for their well being. That really made me happy. Also seeing these trainers with the birds, I suddenly considered wanting to become one such trainer and do this for a living. It sounds crazy I know, but wait till you see the videos I've got of one bird, Amigo, an Amazon parrot, singing in THREE different languages. He could even count up to ten in BOTH English and Chinese. The only downside I can see with me taking up this job would be I have the slightest about speaking in Chinese. After today's outing I'm absolutely beat and I might as well fall asleep on the bed right now, if I wasn't so excited about my day and simply RUSHED to update my blog.
I also realized today it's the 18th. And while I look forward to going back home, I part of me wishes I could've stayed on in this nice, quiet place. But I know for a fact that even if Singapore is safe, it's nowhere as nice as home. Nowhere as nice as the city of my birth: Kolkata. The city where everything is sometimes so crazy, it just makes things perfect. I'm still nostalgic about my bird park visit....wish I could've camped out there. Well, at least I have a penguin key ring to help keep some of the memories fresh in mind. :)
So how have you guys been? Good, I hope. I'll see you all soon...after the 24th that is. Take care, and a very good evening to you! :D

December 17, 2010

No Universal Studios :(

Sadly, the one thing I was really looking forward too...won't happen. Satyaki da just found out and then told me, that the Universal Studios is booked tomorrow, day after, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday... let's just say that people had booked it ONE month in advance. Damn technology! :'( So while we I was a little sad about not being to visit Universal Studios, I don't think I'm all that bummed up too. At least I escaped journeying in that cable car overhead taking one to Sentosa! :P We can always go to the Singapore Zoo tomorrow. :) They even have penguins. That should really be something cool and special. Maybe take a note of all the animals. Especially the night safari is supposed to be really fun!

And when didi gets back from lab tonight, I can always ask her to take me for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I wanna see that movie so so, so badly. I can't even begin to tell you. Most of you guys would have seen it by now, I assume. It doesn't comfort me in the slightest. Just makes me wonder WHY I just didn't go for the movie by myself and watch it! Harry Potter.... :( I wanna watch that movie! Uannnnn Uaaaan.....

Good afternoon, guys! :) Hope you have an awesome day ahead! Really missing you....

December 16, 2010

Thai Food, More Shopping and Tortoise Obsessions...

Back in Vivo City...and we got gifts for all the women in our family (ies - for didi)... I never knew Body Shop actually stocked such a hell lot of things. Did you? And that they actually have something called "birth month discount!" Wow, how nice is that? I always knew birthdays were kind of special. This was just another sweet discovery. Maybe I should come back to this place in September, next year? ;) I mean, they let you go to all the three parks in the Singapore Zoo for free if you go there ON your birthday. Age no bar! A visit back here in September IS a must! :D

Dinner was nice today. Thai food: green chicken, stir-fried sweet and sour chicken and rice. :) It did taste yummy. Well, I am a HUGE sweet and sour fan, so that dish would never score bad points with me! :P Anyway, the moral of the story is, the food was good. And right now, I'm stuffed. Dinner canceled out our plans to have either coffee or tea, and then we came home in a bus. :D

I had taken the bus before, and even this time around it was a nice ride. Except for the ladies sitting right next to me and jabbering away in Tamil! *sighs* That part of the journey really killed the happy day....

Oh I did see a tortoise keyring, and wanted to get one for myself. Apparently they let you engrave whatever you want on these key rings. The tortoise was cute, and wanted it badly. But decided against it. :-/ After all I had almost bought myself a pair of tortoise ear rings, the other day in Bugis Junction, when I saw them hanging in the store. I might just be obsessed more about anything related to tortoise, than just real shopping, you know! :D Either ways, I am determined to get SOMETHING related to a tortoise from this stay of mine. Wish me luck, guys!

For now, good night & sweet dreams. Right again tomorrow. Sleep well! {NOT the mattress ;)}

Bugis Junction Revisited

I was so wrapped up about the shopping, I completely forgot about the food! :P (Oh don't worry, I did get something for everyone. Well at least all the girls! I'm still wondering what to get the boys... :-/) Anyway, these are chocolate puffs that you can see in the picture. The inside of these is filled with a nice chocolate-y was simply awesome! :D Dinner last night was at MOS Burger. It was a spicy chicken burger, french fries and well, a strawberry milkshake! :P I've had McDonald's a couple of times here, and back at home say about 5 to 6 times. I still liked this MOS Burgers. According to didi, they're better than MacD. According to me: no comments. They're just burgers. And I was raving hungry yesterday... We were supposed to eat at Nandos. But that eating place closed down at 10.00pm. Time had simply flown, from the minute we'd entered Bugis Junction it seemed. By the way, they had a super cute comic book store. That actually kept merchandise related to the comics. On display was a black t-shirt with the picture of the Joker. I considered buying it. :D It did look pretty inviting. But the lady asked for a sky high price, and I seriously had to curb my temptation. *sighs loudly* Still, I am determined to get something good and useful for everyone. And so I shall.....after it, it's the thought that counts! ;)

To any of my friends planning to visit Singapore in the near future, I would seriously advice you to come and visit Bugis Junction. I guarentee you would go back home with a lighter money bag and loads of colorful bags on both hands!! XD

Good morning, all you lazy bones who just woke up. I have been up for quite sometime today, and what's more I had actually gone swimming this morning. :D Maybe today after all, I might go downstairs, sit by the pool and write. It's a brand new day, for a brand new adventure! :)

December 15, 2010

The Shopping Hater turns into a Shopaholic! :P

Yeah okay, Bugis Market would turn ANYONE into a shopaholic. The deals are good. And it's like the Singaporean version of our very own Kolkata New Market. All the deals are take it or leave it. If you have a good eye, then you're shopping's worth it. What I did like was the charm bracelet my sister gifted me. It has a pair of scissors, a horse shoe, the number three, a lock with a key, and something that I can't remember right now. *sighs* Ah, and I got a hell lot of clothes. *double sighs* and two pairs of shoes. Okay, I'm honestly NOT sure how I'm gonna fit all that back into my bag, and drag that bag back to India. But I do know it's going back with me. I didn't dance around the market, choosing things just to keep them here. Wish I could tell you more about the market place, but my sister's calling me to go sleep now. So, I'll write about the Bugis Market in detail in the morning. I promise. Good night, my dears. Hope you've all been well and good! :)

December 14, 2010

Delayed Post: THE LAB

Ah, I forgot to write about the lab. (Nicknamed Dexter's Lab, by the way.) Okay, it looks exactly like the ones we see in the sci-fi movies. Didi's desk is the third from the entrance, the last one is Sathya da's. It is his birthday today, so we had gone there to celebrate. And ended up being there for a couple of hours. I am certainly more comfortable in the company in didi's lab mates than I am with the "wives" of Satyaki da's friends or his friends per say. Though I do like Kallol da and Jojo da. (Ah well, I like Kallol da because I'd met him on a one-on-one basis last Thursday, on my first visit to Vivo City.) I really do not like meeting new people. Which is weird considering I love writing, and yes, how the hell are you supposed to write when you don't meet new people? But honestly, you can take one look at some people and write them off as stereotypes. It's people like Sathya da and Priya di, that you would really like to get to know.

But I deviate from what I was talking about. So, they have their lab and their own personal desks. It was funny to see stuffed animals accompanying the various chemistry charts. :D It kind of reminded me of being back in school...when I was still being forced through Science. :P And then when I passed grade 10, the first thing I had said was: I would not have to look at another Science book ever again. Ah yesterday was fun and scary at so many levels! Nothing much to write about the lab though. Except:

The cake they got was YUMMY. ;) :P

Of Swollen Eyes, ISDs and Missed SmS-es!

I miss my phone. And I hate vodafone. :( I really miss texting my friends...and I have realized I should've given myself more time to fit into the whole 2.5 hrs ahead time difference. Now I'm suffering with a swollen right eye. Which is really weird considering that only my left eye usually gets swollen. :P But I guess there is a first time for everything. The sad part is, I cannot go swimming..when I really want to!

Well on the bright side, I get to spend a lot time just thinking and well getting bored. At least I was able to call Muppet today and wish her for her birthday. But I guess her phone really sucks! :P Cuz mid way to greeting her, it kind of died. *sighs*

Enough about me. About Singapore. I'll be going to Universal Studios next weekend with didi and Satyaki da. And maybe their friends would join us. (Hopefully the ones I like.) And I might have to go to the zoo on my own. :P Hey did you know they let the Birthday babies (no matter what age) free entry to all the three parks that they have! Suddenly, I wish I was born in Dec! But well, Sept is cool. :)

It's evening time back home, and it's 10.30pm here. Once again we had home cooked food for dinner and Yaaaaaaaaay to that. :D I really miss eating in these days. And now my sister is driving me up the wall forcing me to listen to songs from Dabang. (No, not Munni Badnam hui!)
By the way all you idiots dancing to Sheila Ki Jawani.... please get a better choice of song! They played this song on my sister's surprise party and I ended up NOT wanting to be in the same room as the laptop. ;)

So guys, good evening! and I'll be back tomorrow, uploading this blog. If my eye is better I'll be going to explore Clementi Woods....and I hope to goodness sake there would be a nice breeze blowing there. Good night and talk to you people soon.

Take care!

December 13, 2010

A Visit to Dexter's Lab

Oh LOL! Tonight I finally get go inside one of those places my sis works in... a lab! :) I did go out this afternoon on my own...well not too far away, but I went to the West Coast Plaza. Had the same old sandwich though. Still, as long as it's bread I'm game for it. I should give you guys a piece of good news. My laptop's finally working again. Which means, I can get back to updating my stories in fictionpress! *dances around*

So how have you guys been? I have kind of lost the rhythm to writing this blog. But maybe I'll be back tomorrow, with very high spirits. So take care and I'll be back tomorrow!

Good evening, guys! :)

December 11, 2010

Musing: Ramblings of a confused tween!

If you could see, the other side of me
I'm just like everybody else, can't you tell?

I haven't been updating my blog for a really long time I know...that's why my happiest days aren't recorded here. I did go to a shopping plaza on my own yesterday, that was a good adventure for me. Right now, I am locked in my room hammering away at the laptop I had kidnapped this afternoon.... There's a party going on outside, and try as I might I cannot make myself on with this crowd. They're all nice people, don't get me wrong. But somehow I feel more at home with Sathya da and Priya di... I really talking to them. I love their company. In fact, I just might base my future characters on the two of them. They inspire me so much. :) And always make me see something good and something worth finding...a quest worth searching for...if you know what I mean... or maybe you don't. I am quite distracted now...and don't even know myself why I am writing this. I was re-reading a letter today, and kinda made me tear up, and miss someone I love so so much all the more...and the ache in my chest just got a bit more intense. All these people in the party are paired up, even married. It's sweet. In a very sickening way. I know for a fact I don't want to be out there, trying to socialize with them. And know for a even bigger fact, I am not letting ANYONE from my family read this blog. This is a place where I intereact with you guys on a very raw and emotional level. Someone familiar (and judgy) reading would make me change course, and LIE about what I truly feel. I would begin caring so much about hurting the ones I write about, I wouldn't be writing what I seriously think....they'd be bad echoes of what I think I should write.. Okay, I am sounding utterly confused now. Maybe it was the wine that I had...or maybe it was just nothing..maybe I am just missing home and my life a little bit, and cannot find a footing into this silly world... :-/ GOD! I was asked to explain what COMPARATIVE LITERATURE is... I mean, you CANNOT explain our subject till you are learning it yourself. On a happier note, I saw the 3rd Narnia movie and LOVED it....but I'm still disturbed. And maybe I shouldn't be writing now...all I am doing is typing out trash..... I'll write again, when I feel better.....
Good night, my dear ones. I love you and I miss you all! :)

December 10, 2010

Vivo City

I would have written this blog yesterday, but my didi was sitting right behind me....reading every line I was typing out. *sighs* and it doesn't help a writer when her critics are sitting right behind her, breathing down her neck.... I wanted to write a lot of things but I find that now, I dont' have that "I can write whatever the hell I want to" attitude anymore. I can feel my posts seem strained, limited and always written with a lot of afterthought. That's really not writing from the heart. That's writing with diplomacy and always having to make sure no one gets offended by the posts. Yesterday I wished to write something about shopaholicism but I had to check that term and change it to "shoeahoclic!" (Okay, is that *even* a word?) God only knows. And didi.

But the visit to Vivo City was fun...well to my it was. Since it meant getting a canon camera for my 21st birthday... :D and then getting clothes and a pair of shoes along with that! :P Singapore is really growing on me....and then we went to the top most floor of the mall...which had a restaurant called the Marche!

The concept of payment over there is the opposite of the ones we have in our food courts here. You eat whatever you want, and they keep a tab of it in your card...and at the end, you swipe the card, and find out what the amount is and pay up! :D Pretty cool, huh?

I thought so too!! :)

December 9, 2010

Good morning!!!

It's 10.19 am here...and I'm already done with my breakfast. (If my mom reads this blog post, she would most probably laugh out loud from shock!) Back home, she couldn't wake me up till it was way past breakfast time, and then I would end up having brunch. :)

Today I am simply determined to go and sit by the swimming pool if I don't write, at least. I just hope the Sun doesn't shine so's a pain trying to look at things when the Sun is blinding your vision.

My didi just left for her work. And I'm here online, updating my blog. She said she would be taking me to get my 21st birthday present! (It was way back in September though, but we had decided beforehand that would be getting my presents in December.) I hope the present would be something nice... h'mm knowing didi, it would be!

Speaking of didi, it's her birthday this Saturday. And I'm with her after 2 years, on her birthday. That was the reason why everyone in the family has sent her birthday presents. Ever since I landed here, she's been driving me up the wall asking me who's given her what etc etc! It's like when we were small and she being the curious cat used to find out all her presents by means of emotional blackmail or constant pestering. Whichever worked.

Things sure have not changed in that respect. Still this time I have managed to keep the secrets of her presents within myself! :D

Her husband is coming tomorrow morning, and we'll have company! :) In fact he might be here the whole I can force him to plan something for didi's birthday...that should be fun. ;) His 21 year old sister in law ordering him about! :P

Yesterday night was fun. Well, almost. My sister's piano teacher had come, and me feeling utterly bored sat down with the computer & googled up tamil words! (Yeah yeah...I know I'm crazy. :P) Didi got the shock of her life seeing such weird inscriptions scrawled all over her laptop. We went to the West Coast Plaza (Singaporean equivalent of something like South City Mall!)

We ordered the food from an upstairs restaurant, and then came downstairs to the Cold Storage to shop for groceries. (We stopped midway at a ear rings and ring station. They were selling cute looking ear rings, and ones that came paired with studs. ;) I even considered getting a second piercing in my ear. Hell, maybe I just might?)

Watching didi shop for groceries reminded me of mom. Though here it's like picking up the already packed stuff, and no bargaining! :D Still it's funny to see the girl who spent most of your childhood playing with, suddenly grow up and claim responsibility...and even be a responsible adult. *sighs* Funny how things change...

Well, time for me to stop writing and go about my work. All of you, I bet are still asleep. :) So good morning to you when you wake up and have a nice day. Take care!

December 8, 2010

From 39 degrees to rain... *sighs*

Okay, so up until a few minutes ago I was complaining about how hot Singapore was, and I was wishing for the rain. Well, I have learnt my lesson:

Be careful what you wish for. The rains have come crashing down, forcing my plans to sitting by the pool to be rechecked, for the umpteenth time. *sighs*

Oh well, I could simply sit at home, and watch the raindrops falling on the ground, as well as in the pool. It was actually funny, to see all the swimmers get up from the pool and scamper off in different directions. Even they way they run seems to amuse me.

Had I not been so bummed about not being able to sit by the pool, I would've definitely noticed them better, and laughed heartily at the whole thing. But then the rain is mocking me too, and so I shouldn't be laughing at the misery of others... Right? :P

Back from Lunch

11.30am, and 1.56pm... :) Indian time and Singaporean time. :D I was just taken to the NUS campus for lunch, and then dropped back home. (Well, West Bay to be precise.)

I had planned on going downstairs to sit by the pool and write, but my sister called, and asked me to have lunch with her and her college friends. :) Two of them, Aarthi di and Priya di, I had met just earlier this year when they'd come over for my sister's marriage. But the 3rd face was a new one. She's in the same lab as didi, it seems. Her name is Anika and she's German.

I am not entirely sure what the dish I had was named, but I'm pretty sure it was called Barbeque Chicken. :P It was nice, accompanied with a bowl of rice, a HORRIBLE tasting soup and kimchi. (I didn't dare to taste that since it was supposed to be hot. And when didi says it's hot, I'd prefer NOT to experiment with that.)

It was nice sitting in the NUS lunch canteen, and watching students gorging on their lunches. I even spied something funny. An Indian outlet that was being served by people of Singapore, even cooked by them. But I am willing to be that these Indian food would taste nothing like the ones I'm used to at home. Honestly? I asked didi about it, and she said that "Indian food" over here roughly translated to "South Indian food" which meant loads of kari patta. (Not a very attractive thing, if you dislike southy food, isn't it?)

I wish I could've taken the picture of the food I was eating. It would've been a good accompaniment for this post. But it would've drawn attention to the fact I was new, and NUS prices would not be applied for me. :P HA HA!! Besides, it would also be downright weird. As people simply thought me to be a part of the college. (Another round of ha-ha's should be inserted here.)

We are supposed to go out for dinner tonight, and we would. Since didi says there is no scene of her cooking tonight. Wish I knew how to cook, as that would've served as a nice surprise to her. I might just attempt to make payesh. Oh well, it would be worth a shot. If all else fails, I could just say "I tired" and give up!

Woah! Dhaak? O.o
I can actually hear someone drumming away to glory from their balcony. And it sounds oddly familiar to the dhaak that so often plagues Kolkata during the months of Ocotober and November......and sometimes even September. But I must be wrong. It's the sound of the construction going on a distance. *sighs* It's funny how we can all interpret sound in our own way, isn't it? Had I not spied the cranes at their work, I would've simply convinced myself there was a secret puja going on somewhere. LOL!!

Anyway, good morning sleepy heads! It's time you guys woke. And time I tried to put the plan of sitting by the pool, and at least letting creative thoughts come to my mind, in action! Till the evening then....adios!

~ Aniesha...

P.S. I might just update tomorrow, if I am tired out at night. Take care all of you!

Peaceful Mornings

Ah, so now that I am rested and have a lot of free time...I shall try to tell you about the place that I am in. Right now, I am sitting in their large sitting room, hammering away at the keyboard. It's a glorious morning... (well it's 11.16am here). And I can see the clear skies from their balcony, on the 5th floor.

I intend to go downstairs and sit by the sitting place of pool and write. I don't know what I would write, but I have a feeling that if I go downstairs there, words would simply flow into my mind, and my hands would simply create an impression of it. Or something like that.

Lunch would be from the pizza we had ordered yesterday, and honestly, I don't mind. Poor didi already feeling guilty about being able to be here with me throughout the day. But I am sure I'll find a lot of things useful to do. Read the many books that I had been holding back on, or simply watch television. Finally be at peace.... well anywhere AWAY from the university of ours becomes equal to peace for me. LOL! As funny as it might sound. ;)

We would go out for dinner at night. To quote unquote didi, "somewhere nice." Okay, her somewhere nice is my AWESOME place....well, almost. :) So let's see. And tomorrow, me shall get my 21st birthday gift. (I somehow hope that would include drinking! :D) HA HA HA HA.

Now, it's time for me to log out of cyber space and do a bit of exploring of this world on my own. I cannot always depend of didi for company now, can I? :)

A special message to all those of you who are missing me a lot: Whenever you miss me so much, just look at the sky. I may not be with you, but always be sure we are under the same sky....

I felt this truth in Pondicherry too. If you keep staring up at the sky, you pretty soon forget exactly where you are. Kolkata, Pondicherry, Singapore everything becomes one...if you can just keep staring up at the beautiful sky! :)

December 7, 2010

Jet lagged, much?

How could simply 2.5 hours time difference mess someone up? :P I can't help but wonder, as I try my best to fight sleep and type out this blog post. There will be consequences on many levels if I cannot manage to update something decent in this blog by the end of tonight. Judging by Indian time, I still have a lot of hours to successfully finish this post. But the Singapore team is screaming for me get writing this over with and go off to sleep. Only I cannot since my sister expects company tonight.

*YAWNS* damn, I am sleepy. :(

What would you expect someone to write who has come to not only to a foreign land, but has traveled the odd miles all by herself? It is an adventure of sorts. Yes. But an adventure I couldn't help but wish to get over as soon as possible. Everything went smoothly right from my check in to my immigration, to boarding the plane and finally landing here. (Well I did have to chase my suitcase on the belt, and then come back to collect my abandoned backpack...but that was more fun and less hassle.)

Seeing didi at the aiport had an air of familiarity about it, and I guess that's the reason I truth that I was away from home did not hit me right away. Strangely, I have fitted into this world well, and so feelings of an alien land doesn't haunt me.

Didi asked what struck me most about Singapore. Honestly? It was it's striking resemblance to Auroville that held me in awe of the place. I remembered those slanting hills, planted to the dozen with trees. There were many walks too. But the only difference with Auroville over here is, that there are high rises almost everywhere.

Where Didi and her husband live, is the West Bay. We had to travel from the East Bay (airport) to West. And on my way Didi pointed out a giant ferris wheel. She said it takes 45 minutes to complete ONE round, it's a way for tourists to watch the whole of Singapore. One look at the top most cabin made me want to simply sleep off, and pretend that whole scene had never happened.

Another building that she pointed out to me was their newest casion. It actually had a SHIP on top of its roof. I simply stared, trying to drink in the architecture. I wonder who has so much of creativity in order to make that? Must be someone who is very very talented and creative. The people of this world will never fail to amuse and thrill me it seems.

Riding the air conditioned taxi in itself was a new experience. It wasn't the yellow painted, ambassador. It was a small car, I believe. Painted blue and with air conditioning. In Singapore, it seems every place has an AC. I guess that's because it is super hot here. *sighs* When I had landed here, the announced that it was 39 degrees outside, and 10.40am. Just listening to that announcement made me feel really, really hot.

Condos - the apartments are called called condos, because the complex (Indian sense) that they are in have the facilities of swimming pool, gym, tennis, squash etc. So that's why the term Condominium. Ah, I guess I am learning a lot of things new here already. Didi's condo has exactly three bedrooms, a HUGE living-cum-dining room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. Well, there is a laundry room but I am not too bothered about that. Washing clothes won't be MY headache. ;)

There's a balcony that leads open from the living room, and it overlooks the swimming pool. I remember feeling extremely calm and quiet, when I was staring down at the pool. It is an ideal and heavenly spot for anyone to simply sit and write. Maybe tomorrow, when I am not feeling so squirmish I shall go and sit with my diary over there. It is worth a shot.

I was so busy describing my surroundings, I completely forgot about lunch. (No, I did not eat octopuses or beetles or something equally weird.) We went to this place called New York New York, and I think I tasted fish 'n chips as my first meal here. LOL! It was followed by chocolate ice cream & waffles ;) (with threats that we would be going running at night.) But things are seriously different here, and I am sure I won't mind.

For instance, no one will give two hoots if I do go about running at night, or decide to sit by the pool and write. They would let me go by my business. :D And simply ask perhaps once who I've come to visit! :P

In the end, I must say that even though there may not be much to see here, there is a LOT to learn from here. :) Idiots who visit this country and fail to realize it for its worth, are nothing less than that: idiots. Not many people know how to get the best of both worlds. Luckily, I do. And that is why when I go home, there will be no regrets. When I go home, I would've a lot of stories to tell.

I am using Didi's laptop to write this post, and therefore there are no photos to accompany this post. Once my own laptop is set up, I promise to make my blogs a little bit more interesting.

Well, you can still e-mail me. I will reply to them. And I might just catch some of you people online.
By the way, constructive criticism for my blog is also welcome! ;) :P :D Until tomorrow. Adios!


Here I am, traveled the miles between Kolkata and Singapore to finally reach this place. I don't know where to begin my story from... that everyone was more excited about my trip than I was. Or from the point when I had finally reached my destination? I really don't know... But my eyes are heavy with sleep at the moment. And therefore, I'll take a little nap now. Wake up and begin writing this blog. :) Adios for now.

~ Aniesha.