Bugis Junction Revisited

I was so wrapped up about the shopping, I completely forgot about the food! :P (Oh don't worry, I did get something for everyone. Well at least all the girls! I'm still wondering what to get the boys... :-/) Anyway, these are chocolate puffs that you can see in the picture. The inside of these is filled with a nice chocolate-y cream...it was simply awesome! :D Dinner last night was at MOS Burger. It was a spicy chicken burger, french fries and well, a strawberry milkshake! :P I've had McDonald's a couple of times here, and back at home say about 5 to 6 times. I still liked this MOS Burgers. According to didi, they're better than MacD. According to me: no comments. They're just burgers. And I was raving hungry yesterday... We were supposed to eat at Nandos. But that eating place closed down at 10.00pm. Time had simply flown, from the minute we'd entered Bugis Junction it seemed. By the way, they had a super cute comic book store. That actually kept merchandise related to the comics. On display was a black t-shirt with the picture of the Joker. I considered buying it. :D It did look pretty inviting. But the lady asked for a sky high price, and I seriously had to curb my temptation. *sighs loudly* Still, I am determined to get something good and useful for everyone. And so I shall.....after it, it's the thought that counts! ;)

To any of my friends planning to visit Singapore in the near future, I would seriously advice you to come and visit Bugis Junction. I guarentee you would go back home with a lighter money bag and loads of colorful bags on both hands!! XD

Good morning, all you lazy bones who just woke up. I have been up for quite sometime today, and what's more I had actually gone swimming this morning. :D Maybe today after all, I might go downstairs, sit by the pool and write. It's a brand new day, for a brand new adventure! :)


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