I'm Walking On Sunshine!

I'm walking on sunshine (Wooah!)
I'm walking on sunshine (Wooah!)

And don't it feel good? :)

-Katrina & The Waves

This trip has finally come to its end. It's 10.20am in the morning now, and back home it is 7.47am....and in just a few more hours I'd be landing in Kolkata. Back home!!! I can't say I won't miss this place (I will miss having a safe way to cross roads) but I just want to go back home now...and I'm so happy, that I've been listening to happy songs since I woke up, (which by the way, wasn't a very long time back). HA HA HA HA!!!!

Nothing much left to go, except buy a few more chocolates for some of my most favorite people in the world. :D And the lunch at the West Coast Plaza. After which I'm going to come back and CRAM the rest of my things into my suitcase and backpack.

So, this is my official last blog post in Singapore Diaries from Singapore. I've had a lot of fun writing it - though towards the middle I had a melt down. Big hug to everyone who told me to hang on tight when that happened. I missed you all very much, and even though I am grateful to g talk and facebook for making it easier to keep in touch, it is just not the same when people are in the same city. :) You always have the assurance then that 'I can meet her up tomorrow.' To my friends who are currently not in the city, and are probably becoming sad reading this *an extra BIG hug* to you; and begin counting down the days till when we meet again.

I'm at the original place from where I'd begun writing this blog. And now as I watch the blue skies above me, the only thought that comes to my mind is....how cold is Kolkata right now?

See you real soon, friends. :) Good morning!!!


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