Of Swollen Eyes, ISDs and Missed SmS-es!

I miss my phone. And I hate vodafone. :( I really miss texting my friends...and I have realized I should've given myself more time to fit into the whole 2.5 hrs ahead time difference. Now I'm suffering with a swollen right eye. Which is really weird considering that only my left eye usually gets swollen. :P But I guess there is a first time for everything. The sad part is, I cannot go swimming..when I really want to!

Well on the bright side, I get to spend a lot time just thinking and well getting bored. At least I was able to call Muppet today and wish her for her birthday. But I guess her phone really sucks! :P Cuz mid way to greeting her, it kind of died. *sighs*

Enough about me. About Singapore. I'll be going to Universal Studios next weekend with didi and Satyaki da. And maybe their friends would join us. (Hopefully the ones I like.) And I might have to go to the zoo on my own. :P Hey did you know they let the Birthday babies (no matter what age) free entry to all the three parks that they have! Suddenly, I wish I was born in Dec! But well, Sept is cool. :)

It's evening time back home, and it's 10.30pm here. Once again we had home cooked food for dinner and Yaaaaaaaaay to that. :D I really miss eating in these days. And now my sister is driving me up the wall forcing me to listen to songs from Dabang. (No, not Munni Badnam hui!)
By the way all you idiots dancing to Sheila Ki Jawani.... please get a better choice of song! They played this song on my sister's surprise party and I ended up NOT wanting to be in the same room as the laptop. ;)

So guys, good evening! and I'll be back tomorrow, uploading this blog. If my eye is better I'll be going to explore Clementi Woods....and I hope to goodness sake there would be a nice breeze blowing there. Good night and talk to you people soon.

Take care!


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