Of Hairdressers, Pasta, Inedible Chinese food and Novelette

This blog post would tell you what I've been up to since the 20th of December till the 21st. I finally got my long hair cut off in the 20th; with the hair dresser encouraging me to experiment, since I was still 'young'. She didn't believe me when I told her I was in college. Big surprise. Not one person here, save those of whom who'd seen me last year, believed I was actually the age I am. *sighs* I think it's a pretty good thing though. Don't you? ;) Anyway, the haircut was nice. My long hair has reached shoulder length now. I would've gushed about how different their hair parlor is, but I have a strong feeling we get things like that back home (albeit in sky high prices.) Besides the only thing that I found funny here is they don't have a concept of 'beauty parlor.' It is like 'nail parlor', 'hair dresser', 'face parlor'...so technically the expertise in any one of the fields not all of them.

We had food from pasta mania that day; and my pasta was pretty good to eat. I only wish I could remember the name of the dish. :(

It was on the 21st of December that we went to Chinatown and had authentic/traditional Chinese dishes. I don't think my taste buds quite liked the fact I had to have boiled food. And I've decided forever, KOLKATA FOOD ROCKS!!! Screw other places. :) Nothing could ever beat our traditional bhaat, daal, maach/mangsho combination. And another thing: spices rock. Those who prefer having bland food - go take a dip in the lake! :-/ How can you eat that stuff? :o

The last interesting thing about those two days. I made a challenge to myself, to see how mucb I could write. I decided on trying to write a novelette in just two days. And guess what? :P I was successful. It came to 7,674 words and just crossed the word count for a novelette. :D I'd never had more fun writing than then. :) {People might get to see it, or not...depends. ;)}


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