A Visit to Jurong Bird Park

Well today was fun. :) We went to the Jurong Bird Park and had a fabulous time there. I mean, I don't remember being this entertained for a long, long time. :D The two bird shows: birds & buddies and the birds of prey were fascinating to watch. I will upload those pics on to my laptop soon, and from there transform them into the web so that everyone can enjoy them. Well firstly, I must say that owl has become my favorite bird. :) They're really cute and quite the show off. Rotating their heads 360 degrees whenever you try to get a decent shot of theirs. By the way, to all the fans of Sheila ki jawani...they was a hunting eagle named Sheila in one of the shows. And we all laughed loudly on hearing her name. Over all, it was a fun day out. Really had fun today. The park was simply awesome. I wouldn't have minded just gazing at all the different kinds of birds that they had...at least they try to help these poor creatures. Another thing that caught my attention was that SBI had adopted the flamingos in the park, and provided the finance for their well being. That really made me happy. Also seeing these trainers with the birds, I suddenly considered wanting to become one such trainer and do this for a living. It sounds crazy I know, but wait till you see the videos I've got of one bird, Amigo, an Amazon parrot, singing in THREE different languages. He could even count up to ten in BOTH English and Chinese. The only downside I can see with me taking up this job would be I have the slightest about speaking in Chinese. After today's outing I'm absolutely beat and I might as well fall asleep on the bed right now, if I wasn't so excited about my day and simply RUSHED to update my blog.
I also realized today it's the 18th. And while I look forward to going back home, I part of me wishes I could've stayed on in this nice, quiet place. But I know for a fact that even if Singapore is safe, it's nowhere as nice as home. Nowhere as nice as the city of my birth: Kolkata. The city where everything is sometimes so crazy, it just makes things perfect. I'm still nostalgic about my bird park visit....wish I could've camped out there. Well, at least I have a penguin key ring to help keep some of the memories fresh in mind. :)
So how have you guys been? Good, I hope. I'll see you all soon...after the 24th that is. Take care, and a very good evening to you! :D


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