No Universal Studios :(

Sadly, the one thing I was really looking forward too...won't happen. Satyaki da just found out and then told me, that the Universal Studios is booked tomorrow, day after, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday... let's just say that people had booked it ONE month in advance. Damn technology! :'( So while we I was a little sad about not being to visit Universal Studios, I don't think I'm all that bummed up too. At least I escaped journeying in that cable car overhead taking one to Sentosa! :P We can always go to the Singapore Zoo tomorrow. :) They even have penguins. That should really be something cool and special. Maybe take a note of all the animals. Especially the night safari is supposed to be really fun!

And when didi gets back from lab tonight, I can always ask her to take me for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I wanna see that movie so so, so badly. I can't even begin to tell you. Most of you guys would have seen it by now, I assume. It doesn't comfort me in the slightest. Just makes me wonder WHY I just didn't go for the movie by myself and watch it! Harry Potter.... :( I wanna watch that movie! Uannnnn Uaaaan.....

Good afternoon, guys! :) Hope you have an awesome day ahead! Really missing you....


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