Jet lagged, much?

How could simply 2.5 hours time difference mess someone up? :P I can't help but wonder, as I try my best to fight sleep and type out this blog post. There will be consequences on many levels if I cannot manage to update something decent in this blog by the end of tonight. Judging by Indian time, I still have a lot of hours to successfully finish this post. But the Singapore team is screaming for me get writing this over with and go off to sleep. Only I cannot since my sister expects company tonight.

*YAWNS* damn, I am sleepy. :(

What would you expect someone to write who has come to not only to a foreign land, but has traveled the odd miles all by herself? It is an adventure of sorts. Yes. But an adventure I couldn't help but wish to get over as soon as possible. Everything went smoothly right from my check in to my immigration, to boarding the plane and finally landing here. (Well I did have to chase my suitcase on the belt, and then come back to collect my abandoned backpack...but that was more fun and less hassle.)

Seeing didi at the aiport had an air of familiarity about it, and I guess that's the reason I truth that I was away from home did not hit me right away. Strangely, I have fitted into this world well, and so feelings of an alien land doesn't haunt me.

Didi asked what struck me most about Singapore. Honestly? It was it's striking resemblance to Auroville that held me in awe of the place. I remembered those slanting hills, planted to the dozen with trees. There were many walks too. But the only difference with Auroville over here is, that there are high rises almost everywhere.

Where Didi and her husband live, is the West Bay. We had to travel from the East Bay (airport) to West. And on my way Didi pointed out a giant ferris wheel. She said it takes 45 minutes to complete ONE round, it's a way for tourists to watch the whole of Singapore. One look at the top most cabin made me want to simply sleep off, and pretend that whole scene had never happened.

Another building that she pointed out to me was their newest casion. It actually had a SHIP on top of its roof. I simply stared, trying to drink in the architecture. I wonder who has so much of creativity in order to make that? Must be someone who is very very talented and creative. The people of this world will never fail to amuse and thrill me it seems.

Riding the air conditioned taxi in itself was a new experience. It wasn't the yellow painted, ambassador. It was a small car, I believe. Painted blue and with air conditioning. In Singapore, it seems every place has an AC. I guess that's because it is super hot here. *sighs* When I had landed here, the announced that it was 39 degrees outside, and 10.40am. Just listening to that announcement made me feel really, really hot.

Condos - the apartments are called called condos, because the complex (Indian sense) that they are in have the facilities of swimming pool, gym, tennis, squash etc. So that's why the term Condominium. Ah, I guess I am learning a lot of things new here already. Didi's condo has exactly three bedrooms, a HUGE living-cum-dining room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. Well, there is a laundry room but I am not too bothered about that. Washing clothes won't be MY headache. ;)

There's a balcony that leads open from the living room, and it overlooks the swimming pool. I remember feeling extremely calm and quiet, when I was staring down at the pool. It is an ideal and heavenly spot for anyone to simply sit and write. Maybe tomorrow, when I am not feeling so squirmish I shall go and sit with my diary over there. It is worth a shot.

I was so busy describing my surroundings, I completely forgot about lunch. (No, I did not eat octopuses or beetles or something equally weird.) We went to this place called New York New York, and I think I tasted fish 'n chips as my first meal here. LOL! It was followed by chocolate ice cream & waffles ;) (with threats that we would be going running at night.) But things are seriously different here, and I am sure I won't mind.

For instance, no one will give two hoots if I do go about running at night, or decide to sit by the pool and write. They would let me go by my business. :D And simply ask perhaps once who I've come to visit! :P

In the end, I must say that even though there may not be much to see here, there is a LOT to learn from here. :) Idiots who visit this country and fail to realize it for its worth, are nothing less than that: idiots. Not many people know how to get the best of both worlds. Luckily, I do. And that is why when I go home, there will be no regrets. When I go home, I would've a lot of stories to tell.

I am using Didi's laptop to write this post, and therefore there are no photos to accompany this post. Once my own laptop is set up, I promise to make my blogs a little bit more interesting.

Well, you can still e-mail me. I will reply to them. And I might just catch some of you people online.
By the way, constructive criticism for my blog is also welcome! ;) :P :D Until tomorrow. Adios!


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