Of Hookahs, Board Games and Spilt Drinks!

So first we went to Arab Street where we had our food in one of the cafes, and they also serve hookah. I did take a couple of puffs (not out of my will though). It was my brother-in-law and his friend's "21 now, grow up!" speech or rather threat that me do take a couple of puffs. Little did they know that I literally *cannot* smoke! :D I tried it once during the beginning of 2nd year and simply decided that smoking is just NOT my cup of tea. I'd rather stick to doing what I love best. Note to people who might raise an eye brow while reading the sentence before: you can ONLY call someone a thief when they get caught. ;)

After dinner we went to The Mind Cafe, which in my definition was really cool. Awesome in fact. And it was the most fun I've had after the bird park. They serve you drinks along with letting you play board games. :D How cool is that? Of course you pay for those vouchers that they have, like 2 hours of board games plus drinks. Just check out the link, if you would like some information for yourselves.

What we played was a cross between pictionary and dumb charades. LOL! Had to act out a series of words written on a card. It was pretty fun though. The best part was my competitive big sister jumping up and down in excitement, and spilling MY drink all over the two of us. It was really hilarious.

The night ended with us coming back home in pretty high spirits, and me wondering WHY there are no board game parlors back home. Hey, maybe we could start one in the future? :) It would certainly be a fun, and fresh new idea. My only regret from this evening is, I forgot to take pictures at the Mind Cafe of everyone flailing their arms about, trying to make their team mates understand the words! :D

On that note, I'll take your leave now. Good night, and sweet dreams. It's the 19th already. We are inching towards 24th, every passing second. :)


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