Thai Food, More Shopping and Tortoise Obsessions...

Back in Vivo City...and we got gifts for all the women in our family (ies - for didi)... I never knew Body Shop actually stocked such a hell lot of things. Did you? And that they actually have something called "birth month discount!" Wow, how nice is that? I always knew birthdays were kind of special. This was just another sweet discovery. Maybe I should come back to this place in September, next year? ;) I mean, they let you go to all the three parks in the Singapore Zoo for free if you go there ON your birthday. Age no bar! A visit back here in September IS a must! :D

Dinner was nice today. Thai food: green chicken, stir-fried sweet and sour chicken and rice. :) It did taste yummy. Well, I am a HUGE sweet and sour fan, so that dish would never score bad points with me! :P Anyway, the moral of the story is, the food was good. And right now, I'm stuffed. Dinner canceled out our plans to have either coffee or tea, and then we came home in a bus. :D

I had taken the bus before, and even this time around it was a nice ride. Except for the ladies sitting right next to me and jabbering away in Tamil! *sighs* That part of the journey really killed the happy day....

Oh I did see a tortoise keyring, and wanted to get one for myself. Apparently they let you engrave whatever you want on these key rings. The tortoise was cute, and wanted it badly. But decided against it. :-/ After all I had almost bought myself a pair of tortoise ear rings, the other day in Bugis Junction, when I saw them hanging in the store. I might just be obsessed more about anything related to tortoise, than just real shopping, you know! :D Either ways, I am determined to get SOMETHING related to a tortoise from this stay of mine. Wish me luck, guys!

For now, good night & sweet dreams. Right again tomorrow. Sleep well! {NOT the mattress ;)}


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