Peaceful Mornings

Ah, so now that I am rested and have a lot of free time...I shall try to tell you about the place that I am in. Right now, I am sitting in their large sitting room, hammering away at the keyboard. It's a glorious morning... (well it's 11.16am here). And I can see the clear skies from their balcony, on the 5th floor.

I intend to go downstairs and sit by the sitting place of pool and write. I don't know what I would write, but I have a feeling that if I go downstairs there, words would simply flow into my mind, and my hands would simply create an impression of it. Or something like that.

Lunch would be from the pizza we had ordered yesterday, and honestly, I don't mind. Poor didi already feeling guilty about being able to be here with me throughout the day. But I am sure I'll find a lot of things useful to do. Read the many books that I had been holding back on, or simply watch television. Finally be at peace.... well anywhere AWAY from the university of ours becomes equal to peace for me. LOL! As funny as it might sound. ;)

We would go out for dinner at night. To quote unquote didi, "somewhere nice." Okay, her somewhere nice is my AWESOME place....well, almost. :) So let's see. And tomorrow, me shall get my 21st birthday gift. (I somehow hope that would include drinking! :D) HA HA HA HA.

Now, it's time for me to log out of cyber space and do a bit of exploring of this world on my own. I cannot always depend of didi for company now, can I? :)

A special message to all those of you who are missing me a lot: Whenever you miss me so much, just look at the sky. I may not be with you, but always be sure we are under the same sky....

I felt this truth in Pondicherry too. If you keep staring up at the sky, you pretty soon forget exactly where you are. Kolkata, Pondicherry, Singapore everything becomes one...if you can just keep staring up at the beautiful sky! :)


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