Back from Lunch

11.30am, and 1.56pm... :) Indian time and Singaporean time. :D I was just taken to the NUS campus for lunch, and then dropped back home. (Well, West Bay to be precise.)

I had planned on going downstairs to sit by the pool and write, but my sister called, and asked me to have lunch with her and her college friends. :) Two of them, Aarthi di and Priya di, I had met just earlier this year when they'd come over for my sister's marriage. But the 3rd face was a new one. She's in the same lab as didi, it seems. Her name is Anika and she's German.

I am not entirely sure what the dish I had was named, but I'm pretty sure it was called Barbeque Chicken. :P It was nice, accompanied with a bowl of rice, a HORRIBLE tasting soup and kimchi. (I didn't dare to taste that since it was supposed to be hot. And when didi says it's hot, I'd prefer NOT to experiment with that.)

It was nice sitting in the NUS lunch canteen, and watching students gorging on their lunches. I even spied something funny. An Indian outlet that was being served by people of Singapore, even cooked by them. But I am willing to be that these Indian food would taste nothing like the ones I'm used to at home. Honestly? I asked didi about it, and she said that "Indian food" over here roughly translated to "South Indian food" which meant loads of kari patta. (Not a very attractive thing, if you dislike southy food, isn't it?)

I wish I could've taken the picture of the food I was eating. It would've been a good accompaniment for this post. But it would've drawn attention to the fact I was new, and NUS prices would not be applied for me. :P HA HA!! Besides, it would also be downright weird. As people simply thought me to be a part of the college. (Another round of ha-ha's should be inserted here.)

We are supposed to go out for dinner tonight, and we would. Since didi says there is no scene of her cooking tonight. Wish I knew how to cook, as that would've served as a nice surprise to her. I might just attempt to make payesh. Oh well, it would be worth a shot. If all else fails, I could just say "I tired" and give up!

Woah! Dhaak? O.o
I can actually hear someone drumming away to glory from their balcony. And it sounds oddly familiar to the dhaak that so often plagues Kolkata during the months of Ocotober and November......and sometimes even September. But I must be wrong. It's the sound of the construction going on a distance. *sighs* It's funny how we can all interpret sound in our own way, isn't it? Had I not spied the cranes at their work, I would've simply convinced myself there was a secret puja going on somewhere. LOL!!

Anyway, good morning sleepy heads! It's time you guys woke. And time I tried to put the plan of sitting by the pool, and at least letting creative thoughts come to my mind, in action! Till the evening then....adios!

~ Aniesha...

P.S. I might just update tomorrow, if I am tired out at night. Take care all of you!


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