From 39 degrees to rain... *sighs*

Okay, so up until a few minutes ago I was complaining about how hot Singapore was, and I was wishing for the rain. Well, I have learnt my lesson:

Be careful what you wish for. The rains have come crashing down, forcing my plans to sitting by the pool to be rechecked, for the umpteenth time. *sighs*

Oh well, I could simply sit at home, and watch the raindrops falling on the ground, as well as in the pool. It was actually funny, to see all the swimmers get up from the pool and scamper off in different directions. Even they way they run seems to amuse me.

Had I not been so bummed about not being able to sit by the pool, I would've definitely noticed them better, and laughed heartily at the whole thing. But then the rain is mocking me too, and so I shouldn't be laughing at the misery of others... Right? :P


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