Delayed Post: THE LAB

Ah, I forgot to write about the lab. (Nicknamed Dexter's Lab, by the way.) Okay, it looks exactly like the ones we see in the sci-fi movies. Didi's desk is the third from the entrance, the last one is Sathya da's. It is his birthday today, so we had gone there to celebrate. And ended up being there for a couple of hours. I am certainly more comfortable in the company in didi's lab mates than I am with the "wives" of Satyaki da's friends or his friends per say. Though I do like Kallol da and Jojo da. (Ah well, I like Kallol da because I'd met him on a one-on-one basis last Thursday, on my first visit to Vivo City.) I really do not like meeting new people. Which is weird considering I love writing, and yes, how the hell are you supposed to write when you don't meet new people? But honestly, you can take one look at some people and write them off as stereotypes. It's people like Sathya da and Priya di, that you would really like to get to know.

But I deviate from what I was talking about. So, they have their lab and their own personal desks. It was funny to see stuffed animals accompanying the various chemistry charts. :D It kind of reminded me of being back in school...when I was still being forced through Science. :P And then when I passed grade 10, the first thing I had said was: I would not have to look at another Science book ever again. Ah yesterday was fun and scary at so many levels! Nothing much to write about the lab though. Except:

The cake they got was YUMMY. ;) :P


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