Good morning!!!

It's 10.19 am here...and I'm already done with my breakfast. (If my mom reads this blog post, she would most probably laugh out loud from shock!) Back home, she couldn't wake me up till it was way past breakfast time, and then I would end up having brunch. :)

Today I am simply determined to go and sit by the swimming pool if I don't write, at least. I just hope the Sun doesn't shine so's a pain trying to look at things when the Sun is blinding your vision.

My didi just left for her work. And I'm here online, updating my blog. She said she would be taking me to get my 21st birthday present! (It was way back in September though, but we had decided beforehand that would be getting my presents in December.) I hope the present would be something nice... h'mm knowing didi, it would be!

Speaking of didi, it's her birthday this Saturday. And I'm with her after 2 years, on her birthday. That was the reason why everyone in the family has sent her birthday presents. Ever since I landed here, she's been driving me up the wall asking me who's given her what etc etc! It's like when we were small and she being the curious cat used to find out all her presents by means of emotional blackmail or constant pestering. Whichever worked.

Things sure have not changed in that respect. Still this time I have managed to keep the secrets of her presents within myself! :D

Her husband is coming tomorrow morning, and we'll have company! :) In fact he might be here the whole I can force him to plan something for didi's birthday...that should be fun. ;) His 21 year old sister in law ordering him about! :P

Yesterday night was fun. Well, almost. My sister's piano teacher had come, and me feeling utterly bored sat down with the computer & googled up tamil words! (Yeah yeah...I know I'm crazy. :P) Didi got the shock of her life seeing such weird inscriptions scrawled all over her laptop. We went to the West Coast Plaza (Singaporean equivalent of something like South City Mall!)

We ordered the food from an upstairs restaurant, and then came downstairs to the Cold Storage to shop for groceries. (We stopped midway at a ear rings and ring station. They were selling cute looking ear rings, and ones that came paired with studs. ;) I even considered getting a second piercing in my ear. Hell, maybe I just might?)

Watching didi shop for groceries reminded me of mom. Though here it's like picking up the already packed stuff, and no bargaining! :D Still it's funny to see the girl who spent most of your childhood playing with, suddenly grow up and claim responsibility...and even be a responsible adult. *sighs* Funny how things change...

Well, time for me to stop writing and go about my work. All of you, I bet are still asleep. :) So good morning to you when you wake up and have a nice day. Take care!


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