Night Safari: An Awesome Experience

Ironically, my last night in Singapore turned out to be the best night so far. As you can see from the map provided above, my sister and I walked through the whole night safari in 1.5 hours flat. :) I must say it was MIND BLOWING experience seeing the two lions from a distance. And even from that distance they seemed so large. King of the jungle title is absolutely well-deserved. I saw so many kinds of leopards and hyenas, that if you asked me about then now, I would end up feeling dazed and confused. It was too dark to take pictures and of course, people are not allowed to use flash. However, the night safari experience is to be taken an account of first hand. Not through pictures. In fact, I would say that if you guys ever happen to come to Singapore - put visiting the night safari at the top of your list.
The funniest experience by far was my sister wondering if the tiger had been sedated, and the tiger suddenly decided to prove her wrong. He pulled up his head, and directly towards us...through the glass. :D It seems funny now. But right at that moment, my heart had stopped beating. I was wondering if he had enough strength to break through the glass. Another question that didi and I have been debating about is, whether the tiger could actually see us or is it a one-sided glass....we still haven't figured out the answer to that as of yet.
The hyenas scared the daylights out of me. :( It was creepy the way their eyes were following our movement.
We even saw the flying foxes - who I might add were bloody show offs. There were three, of which two were actually ignoring us and were having their food. The third one decided to climb on to the middle of the net built around them, and place himself delicately at the center. When the crowd least expected it, it showed us that it could indeed fly. Hah! Talk about show offs! But it was fun.
The night safari is open from 7.30pm till midnight. We'd gone there around 9pm, having dinner at fish and company - where I liked the sweet 'n sour fish. Which reminds me, there was something called a cat fish trail in the safari. :)
I still vote for the leopard trail to be the best one since that made us encounter the lions first. I must say I'm very lucky. I actually got to see and hear them roar. Apparently my sister's been to the night safari before and even though she'd hear the lions roaring and had sprinted off to see where they had been kept, her very brave husband forbade her to go looking for them. HA HA HA HA! I wonder what is he going to say when he finds out that we saw the lions and I nearly had to drag his wife away from the place, because I wanted to see the rest of the safari.
All in all, it was the most fun I've had in all the days I've stayed here, barring the weekend when we'd gone to the Bird Park and followed a trip to the Mind Cafe.
What did I get to remember this place by? A miniature tiger - so that I remember forever those large eyes looking directly at us. I just night have sweet nightmares about them tonight.... :-/ I don't think I'm ever going to stop going on and on about the lesser mousedeer, the greater mousedeer, the golden cat (which LOVED to pose for pics) and the goddamn BIG alligator (it gave me goosebumps. Uff, and didi had to point it out to me) and the numerous other animals I'd seen. But it's 12.15am here. And today I come back home. I should probably go and get some sleep now.
My blog will end tomorrow. :) To those who've followed it faithfully, thanks a lot for reading this you guys and I love you for that. I'm going to see you really soon.... Good night for now. Take care, and sweet dreams.


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