The Shopping Hater turns into a Shopaholic! :P

Yeah okay, Bugis Market would turn ANYONE into a shopaholic. The deals are good. And it's like the Singaporean version of our very own Kolkata New Market. All the deals are take it or leave it. If you have a good eye, then you're shopping's worth it. What I did like was the charm bracelet my sister gifted me. It has a pair of scissors, a horse shoe, the number three, a lock with a key, and something that I can't remember right now. *sighs* Ah, and I got a hell lot of clothes. *double sighs* and two pairs of shoes. Okay, I'm honestly NOT sure how I'm gonna fit all that back into my bag, and drag that bag back to India. But I do know it's going back with me. I didn't dance around the market, choosing things just to keep them here. Wish I could tell you more about the market place, but my sister's calling me to go sleep now. So, I'll write about the Bugis Market in detail in the morning. I promise. Good night, my dears. Hope you've all been well and good! :)


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