Vivo City

I would have written this blog yesterday, but my didi was sitting right behind me....reading every line I was typing out. *sighs* and it doesn't help a writer when her critics are sitting right behind her, breathing down her neck.... I wanted to write a lot of things but I find that now, I dont' have that "I can write whatever the hell I want to" attitude anymore. I can feel my posts seem strained, limited and always written with a lot of afterthought. That's really not writing from the heart. That's writing with diplomacy and always having to make sure no one gets offended by the posts. Yesterday I wished to write something about shopaholicism but I had to check that term and change it to "shoeahoclic!" (Okay, is that *even* a word?) God only knows. And didi.

But the visit to Vivo City was fun...well to my it was. Since it meant getting a canon camera for my 21st birthday... :D and then getting clothes and a pair of shoes along with that! :P Singapore is really growing on me....and then we went to the top most floor of the mall...which had a restaurant called the Marche!

The concept of payment over there is the opposite of the ones we have in our food courts here. You eat whatever you want, and they keep a tab of it in your card...and at the end, you swipe the card, and find out what the amount is and pay up! :D Pretty cool, huh?

I thought so too!! :)


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