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Musings: Books, BUZZ & Bombay

I moved to Mumbai at the end of June because I was that fried of being at the same place for twenty eight years. I would go to other cities for a week after I started my first job in Kolkata – because I was trying to decide which would be a good city to move to. I even spent some time in Singapore with my city, but I never really thought about moving there. Mumbai had been my constant since 2015.
But due to a number of reasons, both personal and professional, I never did act on that until 2018. I don’t think I was made for staying at the same place for too long. Much less around the same people. I was grateful that I met a lot of people (who are now constants in my life) through my blog in 2013. Our friendships are still going strong. *Knock on wood*.
But being on your own in an alien city is not as glamorous as people make it out to be. (Of course I got help with settling down, with my mother and my sister coming in for a visit, to make sure I was okay. And I am guessing to find out …