Musings: Books, BUZZ & Bombay

I moved to Mumbai at the end of June because I was that fried of being at the same place for twenty eight years. I would go to other cities for a week after I started my first job in Kolkata – because I was trying to decide which would be a good city to move to. I even spent some time in Singapore with my city, but I never really thought about moving there. Mumbai had been my constant since 2015.

But due to a number of reasons, both personal and professional, I never did act on that until 2018. I don’t think I was made for staying at the same place for too long. Much less around the same people. I was grateful that I met a lot of people (who are now constants in my life) through my blog in 2013. Our friendships are still going strong. *Knock on wood*.

But being on your own in an alien city is not as glamorous as people make it out to be. (Of course I got help with settling down, with my mother and my sister coming in for a visit, to make sure I was okay. And I am guessing to find out whether I am lying about my living conditions or not. My mother is convinced she needed to help me set up the house and my sister is convinced I picked the first house I found. I did not tell her about the other houses the broker showed me – with a dead pigeon in the middle of the room, no less!)

Anyway – I thought of writing this blog post because I need to get a lot of things off my chest. My life was no doubt much easier in Kolkata. I did not have to worry about cooking my meals, or washing my clothes. I had no idea what was available in the kitchen and what was not because it had never really been my department. I used to go grocery shopping with my mother rather begrudgingly. Now it has become a ritual between me and my flatmate.

I was a voracious reader in Kolkata and I would review books like nobody’s business back home. I would also have one piece or another ready for BUZZ Magazine. Either I am too lazy or I am just finding excuses to not to do what I had initially set out to do. So tonight, I have decided to put aside every single reason I could possibly think of to shirk my way out of the responsibilities I have shouldered. When I have promised to write – books, reviews, blog posts – when I have promised to do more with my life than just a nine-hour job, I should keep my end of the bargain.

I have always maintained that life should be more than just waking up and going through the same routine over and over again. We are very blessed to be alive and with the ability to follow our dreams. So starting tonight, I am starting a few new rules in my life:
Aniesha’s Musings will be update every Sunday night.
Bibliotheque will have a post any day during the week.
And BUZZ Magazine will have bi-weekly articles for sure.

Here’s hoping I keep my word and that I don’t screw up the little promises that I make to myself. And here’s hoping I always manage to stay on top of things no matter how difficult and impossible life tends to get. Because I do have deadlines for a couple of projects coming up….and writing is healing for me. It’s time to heal the wounds I have been trying to get rid of in all kinds of ways for the longest time.

Here’s to the start of something truly epic!


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