September 30, 2016

Day 8: Coffee (100DaysofBlogging)

I am pretty much addicted to tea. In fact, there’s no chance of me ever saying no to a cup of tea. It could be the middle of the afternoon and I’d still be interested in a cuppa! But I also am in the habit of ordering coffee when I visit cafes, when I meet people in coffee shops. I can never bring myself to order tea. At the most, iced teas. But I stick to cups of coffee when I am in these cafes. I really don’t know why. I guess it’s a quirk I developed a long time ago and I’ve never consciously tried to change it. So, if I am sitting alone, reading a book in cafĂ©, there’s no doubt what drink I’d probably have in my hand! 

September 29, 2016

Day 7: Favourite Song (#100DaysofBlogging)

You know what I love most about songs? The lyrics. There’s a saying which says that, “With the right kind of music you either forget everything or you remember everything.” But the kinds of songs that I like, they vary. Anyone who goes through the playlist on my phone is bound to think I’m crazy. Because I listen to all kinds of songs. And it completely depends on the mood that I’m in as to what would be my favourite song.

I create playlists for the stories that I write. There are certain songs kept on loop to help me get into the heads of my characters. There are songs that remind of things I want to forget; of people I have no interest in remembering ever again. There are songs which give me a lot of hope and help me look forward to tomorrow.

Currently, my favourite song is Better Place by Rachel Platten. If you’ve not heard the song, check it out. It has a lot of positivity and happiness.

September 28, 2016

Musings: Day 6 - Happiness (#100DaysofBlogging)

You know why people cannot seem to find happiness? Because they don't realize that happiness is not a destination. You cannot keep telling yourself, if this happens or that, then I'll be happy. The Universe is always providing you with reasons to be happy but you're stubborn. So you don't want to take the chance and just be happy! 

If you talk about on very personal terms, I have a list of things that can always make me happy no matter what I might be currently going through in life, (and in no particular order as such):

1. My mother 
2. All my cats 
3. Books 
4. Stories 
5. Conversations 
6. Soul Mates 
7. Friends 
8. Traveling 
9. Singing 
10. Rainfall 

If you're feeling sad, just make a list of all the good things in your life. No, you don't get to be pessimist and tell me that there's nothing good in your life. You will have to learn to dig deeper and tell me what makes your life so uniquely yours.

September 27, 2016

Musings: Day 5 - Soul Mates (#100DaysofBlogging)

“What is a friend?”
“It is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.”
- Aristotle

We live in a world where everyone is obsessed with trying to find their happily ever after. We are part of a world where it’s so easy to find someone when you’re lonely but equally difficult to find someone when you’re ready. We don’t want to feel alone and the lengths that we go to in order to make sure we’re never lonely, is sometimes pretty appalling.

In the world that has no time to stop, that has no time to really work towards building a relationship, it is almost a laughable matter to be in search of soul mates. But my dear, this is exactly where most of us go wrong.

Soul mates don’t always have to be people you’re in love with or who you might want to potentially build a relationship with. Sometimes the most perfectly matched soul mates are your best friends.

True no one wants to label one particular friend as their best friend because let’s face it we share different and comfortable equations with all our friends. But the soul mates that I have, well I think we’ve literally watched ourselves go through hell and come back. Our friendship has run so deep that we are aware when one of us is upset or unhappy. I’m no longer surprised when I wake up in the middle of the night, feeling restless and horrible, because I know one of them is upset. I am not surprised, when I cry myself to sleep and get a text asking me, “What’s wrong? Why are you so sad?” Followed by a series of jokes that would force anyone out of a bad mood!

So you see you’re being an absolute jackass if you think you’re going to find your perfect soul mate in a romantic relationship. You’ve already found your soul mate in your friends. You’re just too stubborn to realize it.
Topic selected by: Me :)

September 26, 2016

Musings: Day 4 - Story (#100DaysofBlogging)

“Sometimes it’s not about the happy ending. Sometimes it’s about the story.”

This was the prompt that made me write the book which actually helped my writing career, When Our Worlds Collide. I was honestly very intrigued by the story of two people who come together but do not necessarily end up together. I began asking people around me what they cherish the most about their lives. They always told me it was the stories that have stayed with them forever.

Stories have saved countless lives. Because sometimes the only thing that keeps you from giving up is the fact you read the words that would become your saviour at the right time. Stories don’t always have to come to you in the form of books. It could be a little incident someone told you about. A little story that you came across in the pages of a long forgotten magazine.

You have no idea how powerful one little story can be. They shape lives. They build us up, they help us realize even the most broken amongst us can rise again. Therefore, I love stories. I no longer chase happy ever afters, now I just see where the story might take me! 

Topic by: Leo Da

September 25, 2016

Musings: Day 3: Childhood Memories (#100DaysofBlogging)

Childhood Memories.

Do you remember everything about your childhood?
In crystal clear details or is your memory like one?
Broken, fragmented.
Some blacked out hurriedly with a felt pen.
Or memories shining bright,
Even though you’ve tried so many times to make it go dim.
Ah, childhood. You were so filled with memories.
The stuffed teddy bear that once comforted me,
And the little pillow that has become long forgotten!
The room I once shared with a sister,
Is still filled with scattered pieces of when she once lived here with me.
A part of the room, left untouched
Because moving things around would feel –
Well, too final.
No one likes being an adult. No one wants to let go off being a child.
So you find an in between, you fill up your room
With all your childhood memories. 

Topic selected by: Me! 

September 24, 2016

Musings: Day 2: Bookstore (#100DaysofBlogging)

“I love walking into a bookstore. It's like all my friends are sitting on shelves, waving their pages at me.” 

― Tahereh Mafi

Nothing has ever made me feel quite at home as much as a Bookstore has. Whenever people want to meet up with me in my city, I suggest coming down to Oxford Bookstore. Or Story. Or Starmark, South City. The bottom line is: I ask them to meet me at a place where I would be surrounded by books.

My sister was an avid reader and I think I picked up the habit of reading books from her. I don’t know when a hobby turned slightly into an obsession and I ended up with a cupboard full of books. And more books overflowing. I have stopped keeping a count on how many books I own. Because I am pretty sure the number is irrelevant.

When I went to Bangalore this month, I had to meet a lot of my friends. And all of them like me, love reading books. In fact I think our friendship is based on the fact that we love reading books. It was of no surprise then that all of us decided to meet up in Blossoms.
Anyone who has ever lived in Bangalore will tell about this one magical place where an entire house is dedicated to books. And they house books for everyone under the Sun! I’m not very surprised that I bought 5 books from there in my first visit! Three of them are Neil Gaiman books. So I have no regrets.

Some of my best memories have been in bookstores. Be it fighting about why Young Adult novels are awesome, or why I refuse to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child or simply gazing at books! I find bookstores amazingly comfortable places for first meetings. Because the books around you serve as such amazing ice breakers!

You can keep the conversation going in a bookstore no matter what happens because you will never run out of things to talk about. So the next time you’re unsure about meeting up with some. Just suggest that they meet you in a bookstore. If they refuse, there’s your red flag right there. And if they do turn up and turn out to be bores – well, at least you will enjoy yourself in the company of books! 

Topic selected by: Leo Da 

September 23, 2016

Musings: Day 1 - Hope (#100DaysofBlogging)

The bee was drawn by Souradeep Ghosh. And I designed the blog title on Canva.

From today, there are exactly 100 days left for 2016 to end. So we decided (a writing/blogging group called Bibliobibulis) that we are going to challenge ourselves to blog everyday, for the next 100 days as we bring in the New Year! 

Further, while everyone chose themes for themselves, Leo da and I decided to do this project in collaboration. So everyday we pick topics for the next. I picked the topic for Day 1 which happens to be Hope. Now, on with the actual blog post: 

The direction defines hope as 'a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.' But according to me our very existences thrive on the fact that we can hope. I was rather tiny when I had my first brush with death and realized that not one of us would get to live forever. So I remember asking my mother, "But if I am going to die anyway, what's the point of trying to hard to survive?" And she told me, "To live a good life. And hope that everything will turn out to be exactly how you wish. Never let go of hope. Because the day you stop hoping, that will be the end.'. 

So I learned to hope. I even learned to hope against hope. I have had the rug taken rudely off my feet. I have fallen flat on my back and seriously debated whether the effort I'd have to put in to get back up again was going to be worth it or not. The tiny voice inside my head whispered, But you shouldn't give up hope. It all ends the minute you. 

Merely hoping has indeed helped me come this far. And it is what keeps me from simply settling for whatever life decides to give me. You have just one life. So you definitely should not settle for anything other than what you really, really want out it. Hope that it all gets better. Hope that all your dreams will come true. But most of all, just know that even holding on to hope will see you through some of the darkest days you might believe will never end. 

I am not saying it's an easy road to take. When you decide to take hope by the hand and walk along with it. But when you realize that life is meant to be lived, not meant for you to wait with baited breath to arrive somewhere - you will realize how important hope really is in our lives. Because once you choose hope, anything is possible. 

(Also the minute you feel like this enough and you want to quit, please tell yourself this: I did not come this far to only get this far. And all should be right in your world again.)

September 20, 2016

Musings: Manhattan from the Sky

"You're My Manhattan from the Sky" 
That song has been on loop for quite some time now. And as I listen 
Rather carefully to the words being sung 
I realize, that the sixteen year old girl would have smiled at me 
And thanked me. 
For finally letting you know that to her, 
You were the Manhattan from the sky. 
She loved you more than you'd ever know. Or I believe I'm capable of ever loving someone ever again. 
She held on to that love, even though it was never returned, and she drew happiness and joy from it, 
And a strength that knew no bounds 
That her future self learned to love again. 
The thing is: you never forget your first love. You can put out the flames but the fire somehow remains. 
So every once in a while, I do think about you. 
And I wonder if I've ever crossed your mind. I guess not. 
It's not your fault either. You didn't know. 
How could you any way? Because she was in love with a boy she'd never said a word to. 
When you're sixteen conversations don't really matter I suppose. 
You're still her Manhattan from the sky. Because you look so neat and tidy when she's soaring up high. 
I wonder now at times if I'll ever meet a boy who'll make me feel that way again. 
That the mere sight of him will set my heart racing, that my cheeks will get all hot and flushed. That they'll be butterflies in my tummy and I'd be a little dazed if he even said "hello" to me. 
That feeling is amazing. When love can knock you off your feet. 
But you're nothing but her Manhattan from the sky. 
And she needs someone who would be okay with wandering the mess of grey skyscrapers with her. 
You can go on looking perfect when she's watching you from way up high. 
Because the closer she gets, that sixteen year old girl, who held a torch for you for so, so long... 
I'll break her heart. Not you. 
She's been through enough. 
So please just be
Manhattan from the Sky.

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