Musings: Day 3: Childhood Memories (#100DaysofBlogging)

Childhood Memories.

Do you remember everything about your childhood?
In crystal clear details or is your memory like one?
Broken, fragmented.
Some blacked out hurriedly with a felt pen.
Or memories shining bright,
Even though you’ve tried so many times to make it go dim.
Ah, childhood. You were so filled with memories.
The stuffed teddy bear that once comforted me,
And the little pillow that has become long forgotten!
The room I once shared with a sister,
Is still filled with scattered pieces of when she once lived here with me.
A part of the room, left untouched
Because moving things around would feel –
Well, too final.
No one likes being an adult. No one wants to let go off being a child.
So you find an in between, you fill up your room
With all your childhood memories. 

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