Day 4: My Dream Job


When I was younger, I used to think book reviewers have the best job. When I started to review books on my blog - I realized how mistaken I was!

I wanted to be a bestselling author. But how can that be a job? Writing is somehow so very me. I cannot imagine a time when I wouldn't write even one word.... :) Like I keep saying, it's my therapy. Writing is equivalent to breathing for me.

So what I think would be my dream job would be to get paid loads of cash to travel the world and review the places. Basically work for some really famous travel magazine. Or website.

I had got an offer to intern with one such place during nearly the end of my Masters. I'd wanted to go chase that opportunity...but my mum wanted me to finish my degree. Sadly, the company offering the internship didn't like to be kept waiting.

They cancelled their offer. And I'm yet to re-apply...because of my further tryst with academics.


  1. I think I would have liked to be an auror.

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