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"To imagine is everything, to know is nothing at all." - Antole France
Include this line in your post: "A funny thing happened on my way to...."

A funny thing happened on my way to life.
I had hit pause and had just sat down to enjoy the sunset.
I didn't know what would follow the sunrise,
But I decided this was the moment I'd savor.
Who knew? Perhaps I'd remember it forever.

While I sat on the bench,
Someone else came whistling up, hands in their pockets,
They asked if they could join me.
I looked around and said, "Why not?
This seat is empty."

We sat in silence and watched the sunset.
"Don't you ever worry about what will happen next?"
The question escaped their lips before they could stop,
And smiling I replied, "Well, I try not to...
What's the point?"

"Well, the point is," they went on, 
"If you don't know where you're headed 
How will know if you're on the right track?"
At this laughed and said, 
"I won't be sitting on the right track for long.
The trains won't stop for me.
This is my pause. A break from life.
It's not going to be forever."

"Oh really?" 
And I could smell the sarcasm dripping 
from their voice,
"How long have you been sitting here, 

Then the realization crashed on me,
like the rain suddenly falls,
after thunder has warned you just a 
couple of times.
And no it wasn't pitter-patter.
It was the raining cats and dogs kind.

The sunset had stayed as long as I'd wanted.
I'd gotten so used to stay in one spot,
And hold on to the memories 
Slipping between my fingers,
I didn't move on.

But now, I can see it's time.
Time to get up, and get on with life.
I smiled at the mysterious stranger,
Gave them a hug and bade them farewell.

A funny thing did happen on my way to life.
Didn't know how, 
And didn't quite realize when...
I'd fallen victim to postponing getting up again. 

Oh, the funniest of all things that has ever happened 
So far,
I'd wasted time just sitting there,
Watching a glorious sunset.
Never quite knowing, 
The sun would shine down on me -
Whenever I chose it to!


  1. It is beautiful! and I love our picture on the header there. :D

    1. Thank you, Diptee di :) And I love our picture on the header too ^_^


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