Message in a Bottle

I've never known a life, where you don't exist
And I can never imagine being all by myself
My dreams were not intertwined with yours
Sometimes we just need to let things go
Our wishes have little to do with the truth
Reality doesn't always have to be how you want it
Reasons are never enough
You will always be remembered and cherished
For though I might move away from you
Our memories will still be mingled with the wind
Roads ahead of us would take us where we ought to go
However, I just wish for you to know
Understanding me was a choice you had made
Regret your decision or not, I must say
Time is the only thing we can depend on
It will help and heal us, and seal our memories
Never let go what remains now, though they blow in the wind
Ghosts from the past would remain forever more
Your dreams might not always echo my reality
Our worlds had met briefly just to part,
Under the violet moon, perhaps there will be a new start...


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