Waking Up

And doesn't it always seem,

That we're waking up from a dream?
I know, I keep telling myself,
That there was never something to help.
Just like the moon had climbed the mountains,
Only to finally vanish into the morning.
All these days would disappear,
And there would not be the same feeling.
I feel like I had been dreaming too long,
With the tunes playing, the words of a song
Which only I know off by heart.
Time would never standstill and we'll part.
The insane dreams that try to make us believe more than we dare,
And we fall in and begin to really care.
More than we really should.
But I know that I never could,
Let myself really wake up from the dreams - maybe untrue.
Because they were the only place where I had you.
I know I will never have you exactly the way you want,
And thoughts of you, will forever my memory, haunt.
Leave me where I am because I know I cannot fall,
I just want to see you through it all.
Be well always, and I wish you the best.
Do what you really want to in life, and leave the rest.
Wake up, from this madness, wake up from this rush,
Or else it just might be too late and you'll not realize this was just a crush.
And if I happen to be asleep, try not to wake me.
Because if I know for real you're gone - it just might break me.
I know it's wrong, and I know I will never get it right.
But please save yourself from getting burnt tonight.
The moth is always attracted to the light that only does it harm,
To you I am part of that same charm.
I never wanted to hurt you, and I never thought we'd end up like this,
But I wouldn't mind it, if me you do miss...
Because waking up is what you really need now.
Promise me you'll come out this mess somehow...


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