Every night the same old dreams would haunt her sleep,
She would be standing at a corner, trying not to weep-
He would not look at her and treat like the wall
and she would keep wondering if ever he'd fall...

Fall in love with her, because she was enchanted
By his smile, the way he talked and she wondered if her wish would be granted,
Just to be able to go and share a dance with him -
Because they remained apart even in her dreams.

She was enchanted by the way he looked at life
They way he laughed and conquered each strife
But he never seemed to look at her the way she wanted,
Little did she know even he was enchanted...

Enchanted by her quiet ways, the simple way she lived,
She was nothing less than an angel, he believed.
He always wondered what secrets her eyes did keep,
Because she haunted him in his sleep.

The one quiet evening, when the music was a little sad and slow,
They stood outside in the garden as the breeze blows...
For the first time their eyes met;
Under an enchanted spell their hearts would never forget.

At the same time their lips parted, and said, "I am enchanted by you..."
A smile broke across each face, because they both knew their dreams had come true.
Dancing together the whole garden through,
The winds echoed their story - "I am enchanted by you..."


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