Tell Me Why: Our Goodbye

Why couldn't you leave when I asked you to?
Why did you stay when I wanted you gone?
And now when I got used to your presence,
You turned around and said, "so long!"

Goodbye, Goodbye.
You taught me more than this world,
I will never trust another person again.
But thank you for making a woman of this girl.
We only grow up when we are caused pain.

But before you leave, forever and never return,
Answer me this - before the setting sun -
Why didn't you go when I told you shouldn't stay?
Why did let me believe time will make things okay?

Goodbye, Goodbye,
Don't answer any questions I might ask,
I would rather be dancing somewhere else wearing a mask.
I will always remain indebted to for letting me make mistakes,
For now I know things are always messy, no matter what are the stakes.

You should have left when I told you to go,
All that I know is now that I don't know,
How to get used to a life where you don't exist.
And how to tell myself you're a person I should never miss.

Goodbye, Goodbye,
Don't look back at corner where I am left standing alone.
You need not worry. I will find my way back home.
I don't need the sun, the wind or the rain.
My arms are enough to take away my pain.

Now that you've left me there is no returning,
And the searing pain is no longer burning.
Leave, go, let me stop and pick back the pieces that I had broken.
Fit them back and make the days ahead brighten.

Goodbye, Goodbye.
I won't say you'll never be missed, for that is a lie -
And if you ever get the time; do tell me why.
You could never go when I wanted you gone.
When I tried to be fine; you turned around and said, "so long..."


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