You'd walked by my side, telling me
You will always be there -
Even if difficulties come between
And everything seems unfair
But you had to be mean.

When you couldn't handle staying on
You chose to turn away
And tell me to come out of my world of dreams
You said it was for my sake you won't stay.
But all you were was mean!

I let you do as you very well please
Friendship - unconditional - you always had
Yet you still say that nothing is like it seems.
And you told me words that make me feel sad
So you decided to be mean.

When I finally got used to a life
Which didn't have a single trace of you.
You decided you didn't like where you'd been.
Without my friendship you'd fallen through -
And you came back but you were still mean.

Even if you swear nothing again will come between,
I'll never forgive you for being mean.


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