"Listen To The Radio"

A voice comes floating out of the radio -
A voice which I really know...
I've heard it in happy days - I've heard it when it was sad
Heard it reminiscing about the good times and bad it had had!
Somewhere familiar but somehow distant.
Playing hide and seek; in any instant...
You had told me to listen to the radio;
And now it's turned on, playing songs I used to know -
After a long time, I hear happiness from a voice that had once died.
A chirpy soul that had once cried.
And though it seems unfair to sing praises of you alone -
It's good to see you've finally found your way back home.
May you always find the words of the song etched in your heart.
And may God or life let you know from each end there is a start.
This thing - this little time spent on the radio -
It is the beginning of a wonderful show


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