my beloved, my muse
let there not be words of abuse,
As we part ways and wait for a new dawn,
and slip into a life where we are gone.
At least now, we are not torn.

Still treasured and cherished are those golden hours,
because we both know we lost the moon -
Counting the stars.

to the good times that we've shared, beautiful moments that we had.
And even though I feel sad -
It is for the greater good, that we part ways.
Deep down inside I'll remember these days.

I am sorry that I could not control my emotions,
and let them run wild,
Sometimes I do behave like a child...

But a part of me that can't let you go,
Needs to realize, needs to know
There won't be a sunshine when you're gone,
Yet there won't be a Sun until there's a new dawn.

So farewell,
my muse, my beloved, my sweet sunshine -
The pain won't bother much...
Because you were never mine.


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