...A Rainfall of Words...

Just like the rain falls on the parched ground,
Quenching its thirst - that had bothered it for days,
With that sweet smell...that wraps itself in the wind-
The words we exchange,
and the talks we talk have the same effect.

Like the rain comes down and washes away,
The dust and the dirt that had gathered around,
In quite the same way your words come down,
and wash over me.
And my soul is cleansed of all the ill will,
The petty worries that bother.

Like the intoxicating sweet perfume of the rain,
your mere presence washes over me.
Tag the way I feel whenever we talks
as anything you want -
Perhaps a friendship,
beyond the comprehension of many.

And I remain forever in your debt.
When the days are dark; and it feels like rain-
Remember me and smile again.
There are no ways I can thank you enough,
for being with me & bearing me,

And if it happens to rain...
I'll remember your words
Smile again.


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