Soldier For Women: My Friend, My Hero

"You may not mean anything to the world. But you may mean the world to one person."
- Anonymous

To be very honest, this story which I am about to share doesn't involve eve teasing, 
or fighting goons or even stopping me from jumping off the edge of a building.  
What this story is about is how a soldier once saved me, from my own self. 
We as human beings, we as women, sometimes need to be saved. 
Not on the physical but on the psychological plane at times. 

This is a story from last December when I'd become an emotional wreck.
I knew I was bringing it all on myself, but there was no one I could turn to. Every one seemed to
be too busy or caught up in their own worlds. 
I didn't even realize that I was slowly sinking into depression...but my friend. 
He understood me even better than I understood myself.

He didn't think twice before calling me up at random hours, talking to me and 
asking me if I had studied, whether I had written any new poems recently. 
Our mutual love for poems is what makes us such amazing friends, I sometimes think. 
He was my constant companion and it was thanks to him I managed to survive. 

When college reopened in January he was the first to hug me and ask me if I was okay. 
He was my hero in more ways than one. Yes, I was getting a little annoyed with 
him for his constant attention...but, now that I am at a much better place, 
I know that without his friendship,  I wouldn't have managed to make it. 

He did go out of his way to help me. Because I had never asked for it. 
He never thought twice as to what others might say to his continual attention towards me. 
He knew his friend was in trouble.
He knew that a woman he regarded as his best friend was secretly suffering. 
And he stood beside her like a rock. 

Others, I believe, ridiculed him and even mocked him, 
for hanging around a girl who wouldn't ever "fall" for him. 
What they never realized was, you don't need to fall for you friend, just because
they are of the opposite gender. 

My friend truly is my hero. He's been right beside me, from the very first day of college. 
Watching me fall in love, break my own heart, helping me up when I can't support myself, 
teaching me when I don't study for exams and most of all laughing twice as much, when something 
good happens in my life.But always, always realizing what is wrong with me, 
even before I do so myself.

This is dedicated to my friend. I cannot pinpoint to one incident that has made me think 
he's a perfect soldier for women. Because his actions and words, time and time again, 
have proved that he is the perfect soldier for women. For me. 

He is, my hero, in more ways than one.

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  1. It is people like him which make you believe that after all these crimes against women done by some selective few men, there is still hope left...not everybody out there is an animal. What would the world be without friends like him :) <3 this one

    1. thanks :)these friends certainly make you believe in humanity,isn't it? :)


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