Poem: And Heaven Fell

Music floats to my ears,
From some long forgotten dream
Memories from a time kept guarded in the shades,
begin to come forward.
You were there, with me, beside, holding on to me.
The reason for my being.
Teaching me to love purely,
showing me a way to the light from the darkness
of my heart.
You saved me from drowning, you rescued me from
the depths of hell.
But you left as soon as the sun rose out from the clouds,
And for me....that's when heaven fell.

 I could feel it all, my world, our word,
crashing around me.
You never looked back. I am merely your distant memory.
Called upon at times when you need to be assured,
that when the day turns to dust -
there's still one person who you can trust.
To pick you up, to help you, and love you unconditionally.
For you, heaven did fall.
But not in the same way as me.
Your heaven is always at your beck and call.
While you watched my heaven fall.

But wasn't our heaven the same
Once upon a time?
Didn't you one day promise to be mine?
I have watched heaven fall,
And I have seen you through it all...
But I still tell my heart,
Someday I will wake up and see nothing changed.
One day, my heaven will come back again.


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