March 27, 2013

Movie Review: Geek Charming

Most of us have no patience when it comes to Disney Channel Original Movies. But despite being in my twenties, I still enjoy watching the adorably kiddish movies. 

I had watched this movie while trying to get through a horrible breakup last year. And I watched it again this morning. Things I couldn't appreciate the last time jumped out at me, this time around. I guess this is why people say watching a movie the second time helps you pick out the details. ^_^

The story revolves around two high school juniors, Josh and Dylan, who belong to different social strata in their school's hierarchy. While Dylan's life revolves around the ambition to win Blossom Queen in the School's Spring Formal, Josh just wants to film a documentary which would let him win a summer Hollywood Camp. 

Dylan thinks starring in Josh's documentary is going to help her popularity and Josh thinks Dylan is the perfect study for his documentary. :)

Through ups and downs, the values about friendship, love, and betrayal, Geek Charming proves to be a movie most teens would enjoy. It's very relatable and I am sure the movie will leave a smile on your faces. 

After all, not everything we see has to be the truth. I'd recommend this movie. Particularly for quiet and lonely holiday afternoons. ^_^

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